Ajaykumar Gopal
Ajaykumar Gopal
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Morphology and collapse transitions in binary phospholipid monolayers
A Gopal, KYC Lee
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105 (42), 10348-10354, 2001
Predicting the sizes of large RNA molecules
AM Yoffe, P Prinsen, A Gopal, CM Knobler, WM Gelbart, A Ben-Shaul
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (42), 16153-16158, 2008
Influence of palmitic acid and hexadecanol on the phase transition temperature and molecular packing of dipalmitoylphosphatidyl-choline monolayers at the air–water interface
KYC Lee, A Gopal, A Von Nahmen, JA Zasadzinski, J Majewski, GS Smith, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 116 (2), 774-783, 2002
Visualizing large RNA molecules in solution
A Gopal, ZH Zhou, CM Knobler, WM Gelbart
Rna 18 (2), 284-299, 2012
The assembly pathway of an icosahedral single-stranded RNA virus depends on the strength of inter-subunit attractions
RF Garmann, M Comas-Garcia, A Gopal, CM Knobler, WM Gelbart
Journal of molecular biology 426 (5), 1050-1060, 2014
Topography and instability of monolayers near domain boundaries
H Diamant, TA Witten, C Ege, A Gopal, KYC Lee
Physical Review E 63 (6), 061602, 2001
Headgroup percolation and collapse of condensed Langmuir monolayers
A Gopal, KYC Lee
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (44), 22079-22087, 2006
Unstable topography of biphasic surfactant monolayers
H Diamant, TA Witten, A Gopal, KYC Lee
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 52 (2), 171, 2000
Visualizing the global secondary structure of a viral RNA genome with cryo-electron microscopy
RF Garmann, A Gopal, SS Athavale, CM Knobler, WM Gelbart, SC Harvey
Rna 21 (5), 877-886, 2015
Microscopic folds and macroscopic jerks in compressed lipid monolayers
A Gopal, VA Belyi, H Diamant, TA Witten, KYC Lee
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (21), 10220-10223, 2006
Encapsulation of semiconducting polymers in vault protein cages
BC Ng, M Yu, A Gopal, LH Rome, HG Monbouquette, SH Tolbert
Nano letters 8 (10), 3503-3509, 2008
Vaults are dynamically unconstrained cytoplasmic nanoparticles capable of half vault exchange
J Yang, VA Kickhoefer, BC Ng, A Gopal, LA Bentolila, S John, SH Tolbert, ...
Acs Nano 4 (12), 7229-7240, 2010
Viral RNAs are Unusually Compact
A Gopal, DE Egecioglu, AM Yoffe, A Ben-Shaul, ALN Rao, CM Knobler, ...
PLoS ONE 9 (9), e105875, 2014
Surface charge relaxation and the pearling instability of charged surfactant tubes
TT Nguyen, A Gopal, KYC Lee, TA Witten
Physical Review E 72 (5), 051930, 2005
The collapse of phospholipid Langmuir monolayers: Implications for biological surfactant
A Gopal
University of Chicago, Department of Chemistry, 2004
A Prüfer-Sequence Based Algorithm for Calculating the Size of Ideal Randomly Branched Polymers
SW Singaram, A Gopal, A Ben-Shaul
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120 (26), 6231-6237, 2016
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