Jorge Bondia
Jorge Bondia
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¿ Qué es un marco teórico?
WR Daros
Enfoques 14 (1 y 2), 73-112, 2002
Estimating plasma glucose from interstitial glucose: the issue of calibration algorithms in commercial continuous glucose monitoring devices
P Rossetti, J Bondia, J Vehí, CG Fanelli
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Comprehensive pharmacokinetic model of insulin glargine and other insulin formulations
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Y Leal, W Garcia-Gabin, J Bondia, E Esteve, W Ricart, ...
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Real-time continuous glucose monitoring in an intensive care unit: better accuracy in patients with septic shock
C Lorencio, Y Leal, A Bonet, J Bondia, CC Palerm, A Tache, JM Sirvent, ...
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Analysis of linear systems with fuzzy parametric uncertainty
J Bondia, J Picó
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Lactate in the burn patient
EH Herrero, M Sánchez, L Cachafeiro, A Agrifoglio, B Galván, MJ Asensio, ...
Critical Care 19 (1), 1-201, 2015
Coordinated basal—bolus infusion for tighter postprandial glucose control in insulin pump therapy
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Enhancing automatic closed-loop glucose control in type 1 diabetes with an adaptive meal bolus calculator–in silico evaluation under intra-day variability
P Herrero, J Bondia, O Adewuyi, P Pesl, M El-Sharkawy, M Reddy, ...
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Controller design under fuzzy pole-placement specifications: an interval arithmetic approach
J Bondia, A Sala, J Pico, MA Sainz
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Unannounced meals in the artificial pancreas: detection using continuous glucose monitoring
CM Ramkissoon, P Herrero, J Bondia, J Vehi
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P Rossetti, C Quiros, V Moscardo, A Comas, M Giménez, ...
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Using support vector machines to detect therapeutically incorrect measurements by the MiniMed CGMS®
J Bondia, C Tarín, W García-Gabin, E Esteve, JM Fernández-Real, ...
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El páncreas artificial: control automático de infusión de insulina en diabetes mellitus tipo 1
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Comparison of interval and Monte Carlo simulation for the prediction of postprandial glucose under uncertainty in type 1 diabetes mellitus
R Calm, M García-Jaramillo, J Bondia, MA Sainz, J Vehí
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 104 (3), 325-332, 2011
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