Kemal Ugur
Kemal Ugur
Nokia Research Center
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Intra coding of the HEVC standard
J Lainema, F Bossen, WJ Han, J Min, K Ugur
IEEE transactions on circuits and systems for video technology 22 (12), 1792 …, 2012
The emerging MVC standard for 3D video services
Y Chen, YK Wang, K Ugur, MM Hannuksela, J Lainema, M Gabbouj
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2009, 1-13, 2008
Wireless local area network with clients having extended freedom of movement
MG Eglin
US Patent 7,680,086, 2010
Block merging for quadtree-based partitioning in HEVC
P Helle, S Oudin, B Bross, D Marpe, MO Bici, K Ugur, J Jung, G Clare, ...
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology 22 (12), 1720 …, 2012
High performance, low complexity video coding and the emerging HEVC standard
K Ugur, K Andersson, A Fuldseth, G Bjontegaard, LP Endresen, ...
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology 20 (12), 1688 …, 2010
Combined motion vector and reference index prediction for video coding
AO Hallapuro, K Ugur, J Lainema
US Patent 9,300,978, 2016
Special section on the joint call for proposals on high efficiency video coding (HEVC) standardization
T Wiegand, JR Ohm, GJ Sullivan, WJ Han, R Joshi, TK Tan, K Ugur
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology 20 (12), 1661 …, 2010
Method and apparatus for video coding and decoding
MM Hannuksela, K Ugur, J Lainema
US Patent App. 14/146,962, 2014
Description of video coding technology proposal by Tandberg, Nokia, Ericsson
K Ugur, KR Andersson, A Fuldseth
document JCTVC-A119, 2010
Method, module, device and system for rate control provision for video encoders capable of variable bit rate encoding
K Ugur, J Lainema, Y Liu
US Patent App. 11/194,068, 2007
System and method for using parallelly decodable slices for multi-view video coding
K Ugur, J Lainema, M Hannuksela
US Patent 8,594,203, 2013
Motion compensated prediction and interpolation filter design in H. 265/HEVC
K Ugur, A Alshin, E Alshina, F Bossen, WJ Han, JH Park, J Lainema
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing 7 (6), 946-956, 2013
Adaptive interpolation filters for video coding
D Rusanovskyy, K Ugur
US Patent 8,509,316, 2013
Suggestion for a test model
T Davies, KR Andersson, R Sjberg, T Wiegand, D Marpe, K Ugur, J Ridge, ...
ITU-T SG16 WP 3, 15-23, 2010
Unification of the directional intra prediction methods in TMuC
JH Min, S Lee, IK Kim, WJ Han, J Lainema, K Ugur
JCTVC-B100, Geneva, Switzerland, 2010
Adaptive interpolation with directional filters
D Rusanovskyy, K Ugur, J Lainema
ITU-T SG16/Q 6, 2007
Method and apparatus for video coding and decoding
MM Hannuksela, K Ugur
US Patent 10,123,027, 2018
Angular intra prediction in high efficiency video coding (HEVC)
J Lainema, K Ugur
2011 IEEE 13th International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, 1-5, 2011
Apparatus, a method and a computer program for video coding
J Lainema, K Ugur
US Patent 8,724,692, 2014
A free-standing homing endonuclease targets an intron insertion site in the psbA gene of cyanophages
Q Zeng, RP Bonocora, DA Shub
Current biology 19 (3), 218-222, 2009
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