Cheranovskii Vladyslav
Cheranovskii Vladyslav
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Antiferromagnetic Ising chain in a mixed transverse and longitudinal magnetic field
AA Ovchinnikov, DV Dmitriev, VY Krivnov, VO Cheranovskii
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Magnetic properties of the hubbard model with infinite interactions
VY Krivnov, AA Ovchinnikov, VO Cheranovskii
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Magnetic properties of model non-carbon nanotubes with macroscopic value of ground state spin
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Magnetic crossover and complex excitation spectrum of the ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic spin-1 2 chain system α-TeVO 4
V Gnezdilov, P Lemmens, AA Zvyagin, VO Cheranovskii, K Lamonova, ...
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Perturbation theory in the spin Hamiltonian method
AA Ovchinnikov, VO Cheranovskii
Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry 16 (2), 119-124, 1980
Magnetocaloric effect and spin-strain coupling in the spin-nematic state of
M Gen, T Nomura, DI Gorbunov, S Yasin, PT Cong, C Dong, Y Kohama, ...
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Magnetic properties of multiband Hubbard model on anisotropic triangular and rectangular lattice strips
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The application of cyclic spin permutations to the theory of strongly correlated electron systems
VO Cheranovskii
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Real‐space renormalization for Heisenberg models on two‐dimensional lattices
VO Cheranovski, TG Schmalz, DJ Klein
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Matrix elements of the spin Hamiltonian
VO Cheranovskii
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On the excitation spectrum of alternating magnetic chains with odd number of atoms in elementary cell
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The ground state spin ordering and lowest energy excitations of a model organic ferrimagnet-polyallyl spin chain
VO Cheranovskii, İ Özkan
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 223 (2), 156-162, 2001
Spin-peierls transition in dimerized stacks of anion-radical salt (N-Me-2, 5-di-Me-Pz)(TCNQ) 2,(Pz is pyrazine)
A Radváková, DV Ziolkovskiy, VO Cheranovskii, A Feher, M Kajňaková, ...
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 70 (12), 1471-1477, 2009
Exchange interaction between TCNQ and transition metal ion mediated by hydrogen bonds in [Mn (phen) 3](TCNQ) 2· H2O and [Co (phen) 3](TCNQ) 2· H2O
D Šoltésová, G Vasylets, E Čižmár, M Botko, V Cheranovskii, V Starodub, ...
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 99, 182-188, 2016
Magnetic Properties of Quasi-One-Dimensional Crystals Formed by Graphene Nanoclusters and Embedded Atoms of the Transition Metals
VO Cheranovskii, VV Slavin, EV Ezerskaya, AL Tchougréeff, ...
Crystals 9 (5), 251, 2019
The gapless energy spectrum and spin-Peierls instability of 1D Heisenberg spin systems in polymeric complexes of transition metals and hypothetical carbon allotropes
VO Cheranovskii, VV Slavin, AL Tchougreeff, R Dronskowski
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Quantum‐phase transitions in 1D Heisenberg spin systems
VO Cheranovskii, VV Slavin, DJ Klein
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Elementary excitations and thermodynamics of zig-zag spin ladders with alternating nearest-neighbor exchange interactions
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Some properties of the Hubbard model with infinite repulsion
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Teoreticheskaya i Matematicheskaya Fizika 82 (2), 216-223, 1990
Analytical and numerical results for the spectrum of the modified one-dimensionalKondo-lattice model
VO Cheranovskii, EV Ezerskaya
Physical Review B 55 (18), 12480, 1997
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