Junjia Ding
Junjia Ding
Hardware Engineer, Verily Life Sciences
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Strong coupling between magnons and microwave photons in on-chip ferromagnet-superconductor thin-film devices
Y Li, T Polakovic, YL Wang, J Xu, S Lendinez, Z Zhang, J Ding, T Khaire, ...
Physical review letters 123 (10), 107701, 2019
Magnonic crystal as a medium with tunable disorder on a periodical lattice
J Ding, M Kostylev, AO Adeyeye
Physical Review Letters 107 (4), 047205, 2011
Magnetic hysteresis of dynamic response of one-dimensional magnonic crystals consisting of homogenous and alternating width nanowires observed with broadband ferromagnetic …
J Ding, M Kostylev, AO Adeyeye
Physical Review B 84 (5), 054425, 2011
Large spin-wave bullet in a ferrimagnetic insulator driven by spin Hall effect
MB Jungfleisch, W Zhang, J Sklenar, J Ding, W Jiang, H Chang, FY Fradin, ...
Physical Review Letters 116, 057601, 2016
Dynamic response of an artificial square spin ice
MB Jungfleisch, W Zhang, E Iacocca, J Sklenar, J Ding, W Jiang, S Zhang, ...
Physical Review B 93 (10), 100401(R), 2016
Realization of a mesoscopic reprogrammable magnetic logic based on a nanoscale reconfigurable magnonic crystal
J Ding, M Kostylev, AO Adeyeye
Applied Physics Letters 100 (7), 073114, 2012
Measurements of the -mode polarization and temperature--mode correlation of the CMB from SPT-3G 2018 data
D Dutcher, L Balkenhol, PAR Ade, Z Ahmed, E Anderes, AJ Anderson, ...
Physical Review D 104 (2), 022003, 2021
Higher order vortex gyrotropic modes in circular ferromagnetic nanodots
J Ding, GN Kakazei, X Liu, KY Guslienko, AO Adeyeye
Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-6, 2014
Binary ferromagnetic nanostructures: fabrication, static and dynamic properties
J Ding, AO Adeyeye
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (13), 1684-1691, 2013
Ultrasensitive detection enabled by nonlinear magnetization of nanomagnetic labels
MP Nikitin, AV Orlov, IL Sokolov, AA Minakov, PI Nikitin, J Ding, SD Bader, ...
Nanoscale 10 (24), 11642-11650, 2018
Magnetization switching using topological surface states
P Li, J Kally, SSL Zhang, T Pillsbury, J Ding, G Csaba, J Ding, JS Jiang, ...
Science advances 5 (8), eaaw3415, 2019
Sensing magnetic nanoparticles using nano-confined ferromagnetic resonances in a magnonic crystal
P Metaxas, M Sushruth, R Begley, J Ding, R Woodward, I Maksymov, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (23), 232406, 2015
Epitaxial patterning of nanometer-thick Y 3 Fe 5 O 12 films with low magnetic damping
S Li, W Zhang, J Ding, JE Pearson, V Novosad, A Hoffmann
Nanoscale 8 (1), 388-394, 2016
Interlayer coupling in Ni 80 Fe 20/Ru/Ni 80 Fe 20 multilayer films: Ferromagnetic resonance experiments and theory
XM Liu, HT Nguyen, J Ding, MG Cottam, AO Adeyeye
Physical Review B 90 (6), 064428, 2014
CUPID: CUORE (Cryogenic underground observatory for rare events) upgrade with particle IDentification
G Wang, C Nones, A Cazes, M De Jesus
Giant moving vortex mass in thick magnetic nanodots
KY Guslienko, GN Kakazei, J Ding, XM Liu, AO Adeyeye
Scientific Reports 5 (1), 1-8, 2015
High-frequency dynamics modulated by collective magnetization reversal in artificial spin ice
MB Jungfleisch, J Sklenar, J Ding, J Park, JE Pearson, V Novosad, ...
Physical Review Applied 8 (6), 064026, 2017
Fabrication of large dual-polarized multichroic TES bolometer arrays for CMB measurements with the SPT-3G camera
CM Posada, PAR Ade, Z Ahmed, K Arnold, JE Austermann, AN Bender, ...
Superconductor Science and Technology 28 (9), 094002, 2015
Spt-3g: A multichroic receiver for the south pole telescope
AJ Anderson, PAR Ade, Z Ahmed, JE Austermann, JS Avva, PS Barry, ...
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 193 (5), 1057-1065, 2018
Magnonic crystals composed of Ni80Fe20 film on top of Ni80Fe20 two-dimensional dot array
XM Liu, J Ding, GN Kakazei, AO Adeyeye
Applied Physics Letters 103 (6), 062401, 2013
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