Thibault Vogt
Thibault Vogt
Associate Professor
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Dipole blockade at Förster resonances in high resolution laser excitation of Rydberg states of cesium atoms
T Vogt, M Viteau, J Zhao, A Chotia, D Comparat, P Pillet
Physical review letters 97 (8), 083003, 2006
Electric-field induced dipole blockade with Rydberg atoms
T Vogt, M Viteau, A Chotia, J Zhao, D Comparat, P Pillet
Physical Review Letters 99 (7), 073002, 2007
Atom-molecule collisions in an optically trapped gas
N Zahzam, T Vogt, M Mudrich, D Comparat, P Pillet
Physical review letters 96 (2), 023202, 2006
Evolution dynamics of a dense frozen Rydberg gas to plasma
W Li, MW Noel, MP Robinson, PJ Tanner, TF Gallagher, D Comparat, ...
Physical Review A 70 (4), 042713, 2004
Coherent microwave-to-optical conversion via six-wave mixing in Rydberg atoms
J Han, T Vogt, C Gross, D Jaksch, M Kiffner, W Li
Physical review letters 120 (9), 093201, 2018
Kinetic Monte Carlo modeling of dipole blockade in Rydberg excitation experiment
A Chotia, M Viteau, T Vogt, D Comparat, P Pillet
New Journal of Physics 10 (4), 045031, 2008
Back and forth transfer and coherent coupling in a cold Rydberg dipole gas
M Mudrich, N Zahzam, T Vogt, D Comparat, P Pillet
Physical review letters 95 (23), 233002, 2005
Imprinting light phase on matter-wave gratings in superradiance scattering
X Zhou, F Yang, X Yue, T Vogt, X Chen
Physical Review A 81 (1), 013615, 2010
Star cluster dynamics in a laboratory: electrons in an ultracold plasma
D Comparat, T Vogt, N Zahzam, M Mudrich, P Pillet
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 361 (4), 1227-1242, 2005
Efficient microwave-to-optical conversion using Rydberg atoms
T Vogt, C Gross, J Han, SB Pal, M Lam, M Kiffner, W Li
Physical Review A 99 (2), 023832, 2019
Spectral shift and dephasing of electromagnetically induced transparency in an interacting Rydberg gas
J Han, T Vogt, W Li
Physical Review A 94 (4), 043806, 2016
Rapid nonadiabatic loading in an optical lattice
X Liu, X Zhou, W Xiong, T Vogt, X Chen
Physical Review A 83 (6), 063402, 2011
Use of Rydberg atoms to control electron temperatures in ultracold plasmas
T Pohl, D Comparat, N Zahzam, T Vogt, P Pillet, T Pattard
The European Physical Journal D-Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma …, 2006
Lensing effect of electromagnetically induced transparency involving a Rydberg state
J Han, T Vogt, M Manjappa, R Guo, M Kiffner, W Li
Physical Review A 92 (6), 063824, 2015
Extracting the polarizability anisotropy from the transient alignment of HBr
D Pinkham, T Vogt, RR Jones
The Journal of chemical physics 129 (6), 064307, 2008
Collimated UV light generation by two-photon excitation to a Rydberg state in Rb vapor
M Lam, SB Pal, T Vogt, C Gross, M Kiffner, W Li
Optics letters 44 (11), 2931-2934, 2019
Microwave-assisted Rydberg electromagnetically induced transparency
T Vogt, C Gross, TF Gallagher, W Li
Optics letters 43 (8), 1822-1825, 2018
Laser driving of superradiant scattering from a Bose-Einstein condensate at variable incidence angle
B Lu, X Zhou, T Vogt, Z Fang, X Chen
Physical Review A 83 (3), 033620, 2011
Mode competition in superradiant scattering of matter waves
T Vogt, B Lu, XX Liu, X Xu, X Zhou, X Chen
Physical Review A 83 (5), 053603, 2011
Controllable interactions between Rydberg atoms and ultracold plasmas
P Pillet, T Vogt, M Viteau, A Chotia, J Zhao, D Comparat, TF Gallagher, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 194 (1), 012066, 2009
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