Peter F. Pelz
Peter F. Pelz
Professor Dr.-Ing., Dep. Mech. Eng., TU Darmstadt
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The similar size of slums
J Friesen, H Taubenböck, M Wurm, PF Pelz
Habitat International 73, 79-88, 2018
The transition from sheet to cloud cavitation
PF Pelz, T Keil, TF Groß
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 817, 439-454, 2017
The influence of reynolds number and roughness on the efficiency of axial and centrifugal fans—a physically based scaling method
PF Pelz, SS Stonjek
Journal of engineering for gas turbines and power 135 (5), 2013
Upper limit for hydropower in an open-channel flow
PF Pelz
Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 137 (11), 1536-1542, 2011
Analytical method towards an optimal energetic and economical wind-energy converter
PF Pelz, M Holl, M Platzer
Energy 94, 344-351, 2016
The dynamic stiffness of an air-spring
P Pelz, J Buttenbender
ISMA2004 International Conference on Noise & Vibration Engineering, 20-22.9, 2004
Cloud cavitation and cavitation erosion in convergent divergent nozzle
T Keil, PF Pelz, U Cordes, G Ludwig
circulation 2, 1, 2011
Diffusion-driven nucleation from surface nuclei in hydrodynamic cavitation
TF Groß, PF Pelz
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 830, 138-164, 2017
Apparent and real efficiency of turbochargers under influence of heat flow
M Nakhjiri, PF Pelz, B Matyschok, L Däubler, A Horn
14th International Symposium on Transport Phenomena and Dynamics of Rotating …, 2012
Modeling of cavitation-induced air release phenomena in micro-orifice flows
HA Freudigmann, A Dörr, U Iben, PF Pelz
Journal of Fluids Engineering 139 (11), 2017
General methodologies of determining the energy-efficiency-index of pump units in the frame of the extended product approach
S Lang, G Ludwig, PF Pelz, B Stoffel
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in …, 2013
On reliable performance prediction of axial turbomachines
M Heß, PF Pelz
Turbo Expo: Power for Land, Sea, and Air 44021, 139-149, 2010
A holistic concept to design optimal water supply infrastructures for informal settlements using remote sensing data
L Rausch, J Friesen, LC Altherr, M Meck, PF Pelz
Remote Sensing 10 (2), 216, 2018
Physical modeling of automotive turbocharger compressor: analytical approach and validation
M Nakhjiri, P Pelz, B Matyschok, L Däubler, A Horn
SAE Technical Paper, 2011
Swirl boundary layer and flow separation at the inlet of a rotating pipe
FJ Cloos, D Stapp, PF Pelz
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 811, 350-371, 2017
Bubble nucleation from micro-crevices in a shear flow
TF Groß, J Bauer, G Ludwig, DF Rivas, PF Pelz
Experiments in fluids 59 (1), 1-10, 2018
Examination and optimization of a heating circuit for energy‐efficient buildings
P Pöttgen, T Ederer, L Altherr, U Lorenz, PF Pelz
Energy Technology 4 (1), 136-144, 2016
Validated biomechanical model for efficiency and speed of rowing
PF Pelz, A Vergé
Journal of biomechanics 47 (13), 3415-3422, 2014
The influence of tip clearance on the acoustic and aerodynamic characteristics of fans
S Karstadt, M Hess, B Matyschok, PF Pelz
Turbo Expo: Power for Land, Sea, and Air 44021, 39-47, 2010
Air release measurements of V-oil 1404 downstream of a micro orifice at choked flow conditions
HA Freudigmann, U Iben, PF Pelz
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 656 (1), 012113, 2015
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