Mary Pantin-Jackwood
Mary Pantin-Jackwood
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Pathogenicity of influenza viruses with genes from the 1918 pandemic virus: functional roles of alveolar macrophages and neutrophils in limiting virus replication and mortality …
TM Tumpey, A García-Sastre, JK Taubenberger, P Palese, DE Swayne, ...
Journal of virology 79 (23), 14933-14944, 2005
Pathogenesis and pathobiology of avian influenza virus infection in birds
MJ Pantin-Jackwood, DE Swayne
Pathobiology of Asian highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 virus infections in ducks
MJ Pantin-Jackwood, DE Swayne
Avian diseases 51 (s1), 250-259, 2007
Enteric viruses detected by molecular methods in commercial chicken and turkey flocks in the United States between 2005 and 2006
MJ Pantin-Jackwood, JM Day, MW Jackwood, E Spackman
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Pathogenicity of avian influenza viruses in poultry.
DE Swayne, M Pantin-Jackwood
Developments in biologicals 124, 61-67, 2006
Role of poultry in the spread of novel H7N9 influenza virus in China
MJ Pantin-Jackwood, PJ Miller, E Spackman, DE Swayne, L Susta, ...
Journal of virology 88 (10), 5381-5390, 2014
Age at infection affects the pathogenicity of Asian highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 viruses in ducks
MJ Pantin-Jackwood, DL Suarez, E Spackman, DE Swayne
Virus research 130 (1-2), 151-161, 2007
Pathogenesis of pandemic influenza A (H1N1) and triple-reassortant swine influenza A (H1) viruses in mice
JA Belser, DA Wadford, C Pappas, KM Gustin, TR Maines, MB Pearce, ...
Journal of virology 84 (9), 4194-4203, 2010
Periodic monitoring of commercial turkeys for enteric viruses indicates continuous presence of astrovirus and rotavirus on the farms
MJ Pantin-Jackwood, E Spackman, J Michael Day, D Rives
Avian diseases 51 (3), 674-680, 2007
A multiplex RT-PCR test for the differential identification of turkey astrovirus type 1, turkey astrovirus type 2, chicken astrovirus, avian nephritis virus, and avian rotavirus
J Michael Day, E Spackman, M Pantin-Jackwood
Avian diseases 51 (3), 681-684, 2007
Molecular characterization and typing of chicken and turkey astroviruses circulating in the United States: implications for diagnostics
MJ Pantin-Jackwood, E Spackman, PR Woolcock
Avian diseases 50 (3), 397-404, 2006
Removal of real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) inhibitors associated with cloacal swab samples and tissues for improved diagnosis of Avian …
A Das, E Spackman, MJ Pantin-Jackwood, DL Suarez
Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 21 (6), 771-778, 2009
Lethal dissemination of H5N1 influenza virus is associated with dysregulation of inflammation and lipoxin signaling in a mouse model of infection
C Cilloniz, MJ Pantin-Jackwood, C Ni, AG Goodman, X Peng, SC Proll, ...
Journal of virology 84 (15), 7613-7624, 2010
Comparative pathology of select agent influenza a virus infections
T Kuiken, J van den Brand, D van Riel, M Pantin-Jackwood, DE Swayne
Veterinary pathology 47 (5), 893-914, 2010
NP, PB1, and PB2 viral genes contribute to altered replication of H5N1 avian influenza viruses in chickens
JL Wasilenko, CW Lee, L Sarmento, E Spackman, DR Kapczynski, ...
Journal of virology 82 (9), 4544-4553, 2008
The pathogenesis of low pathogenicity H7 avian influenza viruses in chickens, ducks and turkeys
E Spackman, J Gelb, LA Preskenis, BS Ladman, CR Pope, ...
Virology journal 7 (1), 331, 2010
Pathogenesis of H5N1 influenza virus infections in mice and ferret models differs according to respiratory tract or digestive system exposure
AS Lipatov, YK Kwon, MJ Pantin-Jackwood, DE Swayne
The Journal of infectious diseases 199 (5), 717-725, 2009
Characterization of influenza virus variants with different sizes of the non-structural (NS) genes and their potential as a live influenza vaccine in poultry
L Wang, DL Suarez, M Pantin-Jackwood, M Mibayashi, A Garcia-Sastre, ...
Vaccine 26 (29-30), 3580-3586, 2008
Characterization of the 2012 highly pathogenic avian influenza H7N3 virus isolated from poultry in an outbreak in Mexico: pathobiology and vaccine protection
DR Kapczynski, M Pantin-Jackwood, SG Guzman, Y Ricardez, ...
Journal of virology 87 (16), 9086-9096, 2013
Molecular characterization of avian astroviruses
MJ Pantin-Jackwood, KO Strother, E Mundt, L Zsak, JM Day, E Spackman
Archives of virology 156 (2), 235-244, 2011
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