M. J. Martín-Palomo
M. J. Martín-Palomo
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Maximum daily trunk shrinkage reference values for irrigation scheduling in olive trees
F Moreno, W Conejero, MJ Martín-Palomo, IF Girón, A Torrecillas
Agricultural water management 84 (3), 290-294, 2006
Deficit irrigation and emerging fruit crops as a strategy to save water in Mediterranean semiarid agrosystems
A Galindo, J Collado-González, I Griñán, M Corell, A Centeno, ...
Agricultural water management 202, 311-324, 2018
Online-monitoring of tree water stress in a hedgerow olive orchard using the leaf patch clamp pressure probe
JE Fernández, CM Rodriguez-Dominguez, A Perez-Martin, ...
Agricultural Water Management 100 (1), 25-35, 2011
Shoot hydraulic characteristics, plant water status and stomatal response in olive trees under different soil water conditions
JM Torres-Ruiz, A Díaz-Espejo, A Morales-Sillero, MJ Martín-Palomo, ...
Plant and soil 373 (1), 77-87, 2013
Combining sap flow and trunk diameter measurements to assess water needs in mature olive orchards
JE Fernández, F Moreno, MJ Martín-Palomo, MV Cuevas, JM Torres-Ruiz, ...
Environmental and Experimental Botany 72 (2), 330-338, 2011
Steps toward an improvement in process-based models of water use by fruit trees: a case study in olive
A Díaz-Espejo, TN Buckley, JS Sperry, MV Cuevas, A De Cires, ...
Agricultural Water Management 114, 37-49, 2012
New approach for olive trees irrigation scheduling using trunk diameter sensors
A Moriana, IF Girón, MJ Martín-Palomo, W Conejero, MF Ortuño, ...
Agricultural Water Management 97 (11), 1822-1828, 2010
Assessing water stress in a hedgerow olive orchard from sap flow and trunk diameter measurements
MV Cuevas, MJ Martín-Palomo, A Diaz-Espejo, JM Torres-Ruiz, ...
Irrigation Science 31 (4), 729-746, 2013
Concomitant measurements of stem sap flow and leaf turgor pressure in olive trees using the leaf patch clamp pressure probe
CM Rodriguez-Dominguez, W Ehrenberger, C Sann, S Rüger, ...
Agricultural Water Management 114, 50-58, 2012
Almond fruit quality can be improved by means of deficit irrigation strategies
L Lipan, MJ Martín-Palomo, L Sánchez-Rodríguez, M Cano-Lamadrid, ...
Agricultural Water Management 217, 236-242, 2019
Feasibility of trunk diameter fluctuations in the scheduling of regulated deficit irrigation for table olive trees without reference trees
IF Girón, M Corell, MJ Martín-Palomo, A Galindo, A Torrecillas, F Moreno, ...
Agricultural Water Management 161, 114-126, 2015
Yield response to regulated deficit irrigation of greenhouse cherry tomatoes
E Coyago-Cruz, AJ Meléndez-Martínez, A Moriana, IF Girón, ...
Agricultural water management 213, 212-221, 2019
Comparison of the water potential baseline in different locations. Usefulness for irrigation scheduling of olive orchards
M Corell, D Pérez-López, MJ Martín-Palomo, A Centeno, I Girón, ...
Agricultural Water Management 177, 308-316, 2016
Effect of regulated deficit irrigation on the quality of raw and table olives
L Sánchez-Rodríguez, L Lipan, L Andreu, MJ Martín-Palomo, ...
Agricultural Water Management 221, 415-421, 2019
Limitations and usefulness of maximum daily shrinkage (MDS) and trunk growth rate (TGR) indicators in the irrigation scheduling of table olive trees
IF Girón, M Corell, MJ Martín-Palomo, A Galindo, A Torrecillas, F Moreno, ...
Agricultural Water Management 164, 38-45, 2016
Evaluation of growers’ efforts to improve the sustainability of olive orchards: Development of the hydrosostainable index
M Corell, MJ Martín-Palomo, P Sánchez-Bravo, T Carrillo, J Collado, ...
Scientia Horticulturae 257, 108661, 2019
Influence of rootstock on pistachio (Pistacia vera L. cv Kerman) water relations
A Moriana, H Memmi, A Centeno, MJ Martín-Palomo, M Corell, ...
Agricultural water management 202, 263-270, 2018
Fruit response to water-scarcity scenarios. Water relations and biochemical changes
P Rodríguez, A Galindo, J Collado-González, S Medina, M Corell, ...
Water Scarcity and Sustainable Agriculture in Semiarid Environment, 349-375, 2018
Approach for using trunk growth rate (TGR) in the irrigation scheduling of table olive orchards
M Corell, MJ Martín-Palomo, D Pérez-López, A Centeno, I Girón, ...
Agricultural Water Management 192, 12-20, 2017
Pattern of trunk diameter fluctuations of almond trees in deficit irrigation scheduling during the first seasons
MJ Martín-Palomo, M Corell, I Girón, L Andreu, E Trigo, YE López-Moreno, ...
Agricultural Water Management 218, 115-123, 2019
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