Emma L Meaburn
Emma L Meaburn
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Methylomic analysis of monozygotic twins discordant for autism spectrum disorder and related behavioural traits
CCY Wong, EL Meaburn, A Ronald, TS Price, AR Jeffries, LC Schalkwyk, ...
Molecular psychiatry 19 (4), 495-503, 2014
Allelic skewing of DNA methylation is widespread across the genome
LC Schalkwyk, EL Meaburn, R Smith, EL Dempster, AR Jeffries, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 86 (2), 196-212, 2010
Childhood intelligence is heritable, highly polygenic and associated with FNBP1L
B Benyamin, BS Pourcain, OS Davis, G Davies, NK Hansell, MJA Brion, ...
Molecular psychiatry 19 (2), 253-258, 2014
Increasing heritability of BMI and stronger associations with the FTO gene over childhood
CMA Haworth, S Carnell, EL Meaburn, OSP Davis, R Plomin, J Wardle
Obesity 16 (12), 2663-2668, 2008
Common DNA markers can account for more than half of the genetic influence on cognitive abilities
R Plomin, CMA Haworth, EL Meaburn, TS Price, ...
Psychological Science 24 (4), 562-568, 2013
Common DNA markers can account for more than half of the genetic influence on cognitive abilities
R Plomin, CMA Haworth, EL Meaburn, TS Price, ...
Psychological Science 24 (4), 562-568, 2013
Allele-specific methylation in the human genome: implications for genetic studies of complex disease
EL Meaburn, LC Schalkwyk, J Mill
Epigenetics 5 (7), 578-582, 2010
A genome‐wide association study identifies multiple loci associated with mathematics ability and disability
SJ Docherty, OSP Davis, Y Kovas, EL Meaburn, PS Dale, SA Petrill, ...
Genes, Brain and Behavior 9 (2), 234-247, 2010
Language-impaired children: No sign of the FOXP2 mutation
E Meaburn, PS Dale, IW Craig, R Plomin
Neuroreport 13 (8), 1075-1077, 2002
Genotyping pooled DNA using 100K SNP microarrays: a step towards genomewide association scans
E Meaburn, LM Butcher, LC Schalkwyk, R Plomin
Nucleic acids research 34 (4), e28-e28, 2006
SNPs, microarrays and pooled DNA: identification of four loci associated with mild mental impairment in a sample of 6000 children
LM Butcher, E Meaburn, J Knight, PC Sham, LC Schalkwyk, IW Craig, ...
Human molecular genetics 14 (10), 1315-1325, 2005
Quantitative trait locus association scan of early reading disability and ability using pooled DNA and 100K SNP microarrays in a sample of 5760 children
EL Meaburn, N Harlaar, IW Craig, LC Schalkwyk, R Plomin
Molecular psychiatry 13 (7), 729-740, 2008
Genotyping pooled DNA on microarrays: a systematic genome screen of thousands of SNPs in large samples to detect QTLs for complex traits
LM Butcher, E Meaburn, L Liu, C Fernandes, L Hill, A Al-Chalabi, ...
Behavior Genetics 34 (5), 549-555, 2004
A three-stage genome-wide association study of general cognitive ability: hunting the small effects
OSP Davis, LM Butcher, SJ Docherty, EL Meaburn, CJC Curtis, ...
Behavior genetics 40 (6), 759-767, 2010
In search of genes associated with risk for psychopathic tendencies in children: a two‐stage genome‐wide association study of pooled DNA
E Viding, KB Hanscombe, CJC Curtis, OSP Davis, EL Meaburn, R Plomin
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 51 (7), 780-788, 2010
First genome-wide association study on anxiety-related behaviours in childhood
M Trzaskowski, TC Eley, OSP Davis, SJ Doherty, KB Hanscombe, ...
PloS one 8 (4), e58676, 2013
The correlation between reading and mathematics ability at age twelve has a substantial genetic component
OSP Davis, G Band, M Pirinen, CMA Haworth, EL Meaburn, Y Kovas, ...
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Genetics of callous-unemotional behavior in children
E Viding, TS Price, SR Jaffee, M Trzaskowski, OSP Davis, EL Meaburn, ...
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Next generation sequencing in epigenetics: insights and challenges
E Meaburn, R Schulz
Seminars in cell & developmental biology 23 (2), 192-199, 2012
A behavioural genomic analysis of DNA markers associated with general cognitive ability in 7‐year‐olds
N Harlaar, LM Butcher, E Meaburn, P Sham, IW Craig, R Plomin
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 46 (10), 1097-1107, 2005
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