Fedor Mushenok
Fedor Mushenok
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Broadband conversion of microwaves into propagating spin waves in patterned magnetic structures
FB Mushenok, R Dost, CS Davies, DA Allwood, BJ Inkson, G Hrkac, ...
Applied Physics Letters 111 (4), 042404, 2017
Thermally-induced paramagnetism of spiropyrane iodides
RB Morgunov, FB Mushenok, SM Aldoshin, NA Sanina, EA Yur’eva, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 33 (6), 1374-1379, 2009
Structural disorder versus chiral magnetism in Cr 1/3 NbS 2
V Dyadkin, F Mushenok, A Bosak, D Menzel, S Grigoriev, P Pattison, ...
Physical Review B 91 (18), 184205, 2015
Effect of chirality on domain wall dynamics in molecular ferrimagnet [Mn II (HL-pn)(H 2 O)][Mn III (CN) 6]· 2H 2 O
F Mushenok, O Koplak, R Morgunov
The European Physical Journal B 84 (2), 219-225, 2011
Light induced magnetic properties of spiropyrane tris (oxalato) chromate (III) single crystals
RB Morgunov, FB Mushenok, SM Aldoshin, EA Yur’eva, GV Shilov, ...
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 182 (6), 1424-1429, 2009
Nonlinear spin-wave phenomena in the [Mn {(R/S)-pn} 2] 2 [Mn {(R/S)-pn} 2 H 2 O][Cr (CN) 6] molecular ferrimagnet
RB Morgunov, FB Mushenok, O Kazakova
Physical Review B 82 (13), 134439, 2010
(S)‐(−)‐(2‐MeBu) N (Pr) 2MeI Salt as Template in the Enantioselective Synthesis of the Enantiopure Two‐dimensional (S)‐(−)‐(2‐MeBu) N (Pr) 2Me [ΛMnΔCr (C2O4) 3] Ferromagnet
M Gruselle, Y Li, N Ovanesyan, V Makhaev, G Shilov, F Mushenok, ...
Chirality 25 (8), 444-448, 2013
Structure and properties of bis (1-phenyl-1h-tetrazole-5-thiolate) diiron tetranitrosyl
NA Sanina, GI Kozub, TA Kondrat’eva, GV Shilov, DV Korchagin, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 1041, 183-189, 2013
Magnetic properties of single crystals based on photochromic molecules of spiropyrans and chromium oxalates
RB Morgunov, FB Mushenok, SM Aldoshin, EA Yur’eva, GV Shilov
Physics of the Solid State 51 (8), 1663-1670, 2009
Experimental and theoretical study of the influence of peripheral environment on magnetic properties of tetranuclear manganese skeleton in new representatives of calix [4 …
SM Aldoshin, IS Antipin, SE Solov’eva, NA Sanina, DV Korchagin, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 1081, 217-223, 2015
Synthesis, structure, and properties of a new representative of the family of calix[4]arene-containing [MnII 2MnIII 2]-clusters
SM Aldoshin, IS Antipin, VI Ovcharenko, SE Solov’eva, AS Bogomyakov, ...
Russian Chemical Bulletin 62 (2), 536-542, 2013
Ferromagnetic resonance in the Cr 1/3 NbS 2 helical magnet
FB Mushenok
Physics of the Solid State 55 (12), 2482-2486, 2013
Homogeneous and Goldstone modes of spin excitations in Cr 1/3 NbS 2 helimagnet
FB Mushenok
The European Physical Journal B 86 (8), 1-4, 2013
Effect of dehydration on the ferrimagnetic resonance in [Cr (CN) 6][Mn (S)-pn H (H 2 O)](H 2 O) single crystals
RB Morgunov, FB Mushenok
Physics of the Solid State 51 (10), 2069-2076, 2009
Influence of chirality on the electron spin resonance in molecular magnets [Mn II (HL)(H 2 O)][Mn III (CN) 6]· 2H 2 O with chiral ligands L
RB Morgunov, FB Mushenok, MV Kirman
Physics of the Solid State 50 (7), 1303-1307, 2008
Magnetic order in the structurally disordered helicoidal magnet Cr 1/3 NbS 2: NMR at 53 Cr nuclei
VV Ogloblichev, YV Piskunov, FB Mushenok
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 125 (2), 317-322, 2017
Bolometer detection of magnetic resonances in nanoscaled objects
I Rod, R Meckenstock, H Zähres, C Derricks, F Mushenok, N Reckers, ...
Nanotechnology 25 (42), 425302, 2014
Ferromagnetism, paramagnetism, and thermally induced magnetism in photomagnetic Cr III/Mn II and Cr III oxalates with the 7-methyl-3, 3-diphenyl-3H-pyrano [3, 2-f] quinolinium …
SM Aldoshin, NA Sanina, RB Morgunov, OA Fedorova, SV Paramonov, ...
Russian Chemical Bulletin 59 (3), 497-509, 2010
Photomagnetic effect in molecular magnets based on nitrosyl complexes of ruthenium and rare-earth ions
RB Morgunov, AI Dmitriev, FB Mushenok, ÉB Yagubskiĭ, LA Kushch, ...
Physics of the Solid State 51 (10), 2095-2100, 2009
Threshold effect of microwave power on ferromagnetic resonance in K 0.4 [Cr (CN) 6][Mn (S)-pn](S)-pnH 0.6 single crystals
RB Morgunov, FB Mushenok
JETP letters 90 (1), 36-41, 2009
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