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steven Kiddle
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High-resolution temporal profiling of transcripts during Arabidopsis leaf senescence reveals a distinct chronology of processes and regulation
E Breeze, E Harrison, S McHattie, L Hughes, R Hickman, C Hill, S Kiddle, ...
The Plant Cell 23 (3), 873-894, 2011
Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies new loci and functional pathways influencing Alzheimer’s disease risk
IE Jansen, JE Savage, K Watanabe, J Bryois, DM Williams, S Steinberg, ...
Nature genetics 51 (3), 404-413, 2019
Arabidopsis defense against Botrytis cinerea: chronology and regulation deciphered by high-resolution temporal transcriptomic analysis
O Windram, P Madhou, S McHattie, C Hill, R Hickman, E Cooke, ...
The Plant Cell 24 (9), 3530-3557, 2012
MEDIATOR25 Acts as an Integrative Hub for the Regulation of Jasmonate-Responsive Gene Expression in Arabidopsis
V Çevik, BN Kidd, P Zhang, C Hill, S Kiddle, KJ Denby, EB Holub, ...
Plant Physiology 160 (1), 541-555, 2012
Candidate blood proteome markers of Alzheimer's disease onset and progression: a systematic review and replication study
SJ Kiddle, M Sattlecker, P Proitsi, A Simmons, E Westman, C Bazenet, ...
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 38 (3), 515-531, 2014
Blood-based biomarkers for Alzheimer disease: mapping the road to the clinic
H Hampel, SE O’Bryant, JL Molinuevo, H Zetterberg, CL Masters, S Lista, ...
Nature Reviews Neurology 14 (11), 639-652, 2018
Alzheimer's disease biomarker discovery using SOMAscan multiplexed protein technology
M Sattlecker, SJ Kiddle, S Newhouse, P Proitsi, S Nelson, S Williams, ...
Alzheimer's & Dementia 10 (6), 724-734, 2014
Plasma Based Markers of [11C] PiB-PET Brain Amyloid Burden
SJ Kiddle, M Thambisetty, A Simmons, J Riddoch-Contreras, A Hye, ...
PLOS ONE 7 (9), e44260, 2012
Circulating proteomic signatures of chronological age
C Menni, SJ Kiddle, M Mangino, A Viñuela, M Psatha, C Steves, ...
Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biomedical Sciences and Medical Sciences …, 2015
Temporal clustering by affinity propagation reveals transcriptional modules in Arabidopsis thaliana
SJ Kiddle, OPF Windram, S McHattie, A Mead, J Beynon, ...
Bioinformatics 26 (3), 355-362, 2010
Blood protein predictors of brain amyloid for enrichment in clinical trials?
NJ Ashton, SJ Kiddle, J Graf, M Ward, AL Baird, A Hye, S Westwood, ...
Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring 1 (1), 48-60, 2015
Are blood-based protein biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease also involved in other brain disorders? A systematic review
JTW Chiam, RJB Dobson, SJ Kiddle, M Sattlecker
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Blood-based biomarker candidates of cerebral amyloid using PiB PET in non-demented elderly
S Westwood, E Leoni, A Hye, S Lynham, MR Khondoker, NJ Ashton, ...
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Blood protein markers of neocortical amyloid-β burden: a candidate study Using SOMAscan technology
N Voyle, D Baker, SC Burnham, A Covin, Z Zhang, DP Sangurdekar, ...
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 46 (4), 947-961, 2015
Plasma protein biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease endophenotypes in asymptomatic older twins: early cognitive decline and regional brain volumes
SJ Kiddle, CJ Steves, M Mehta, A Simmons, X Xu, S Newhouse, ...
Translational psychiatry 5 (6), e584-e584, 2015
Wigwams: identifying gene modules co-regulated across multiple biological conditions
K Polanski, J Rhodes, C Hill, P Zhang, DJ Jenkins, SJ Kiddle, A Jironkin, ...
Bioinformatics 30 (7), 962-970, 2014
Blood metabolite markers of neocortical amyloid-β burden: discovery and enrichment using candidate proteins
N Voyle, M Kim, P Proitsi, NJ Ashton, AL Baird, C Bazenet, A Hye, ...
Translational psychiatry 6 (1), e719-e719, 2016
A pathway based classification method for analyzing gene expression for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis
N Voyle, A Keohane, S Newhouse, K Lunnon, C Johnston, H Soininen, ...
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 49 (3), 659-669, 2016
A subset of cerebrospinal fluid proteins from a multi-analyte panel associated with brain atrophy, disease classification and prediction in Alzheimer’s disease
W Khan, C Aguilar, SJ Kiddle, O Doyle, M Thambisetty, S Muehlboeck, ...
PloS one 10 (8), e0134368, 2015
Genetic meta-analysis identifies 10 novel loci and functional pathways for Alzheimer’s disease risk
IE Jansen, JE Savage, K Watanabe, J Bryois, DM Williams, S Steinberg, ...
Biorxiv, 258533, 2018
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