Francesco Di Gruttola
Francesco Di Gruttola
PhD, Post-Doc@IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca
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The effects of COVID-19 pandemic on perceived stress and psychobiosocial states in Italian athletes
S Di Fronso, S Costa, C Montesano, F Di Gruttola, EG Ciofi, L Morgilli, ...
International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 2020
Athletes and adversities: athletic identity and emotional regulation in time of COVID-19
S Costa, G Santi, S di Fronso, C Montesano, F Di Gruttola, EG Ciofi, ...
Sport sciences for health 16 (4), 609-618, 2020
The impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on coaches’ perception of stress and emotion regulation strategies
G Santi, A Quartiroli, S Costa, S di Fronso, C Montesano, F Di Gruttola, ...
Frontiers in Psychology, 3872, 2021
Revisiting the association between hypnotisability and blink rate
F Di Gruttola, P Orsini, MC Carboncini, B Rossi, EL Santarcangelo
Experimental brain research 232 (12), 3763-3769, 2014
Nonlinear analysis of eye-tracking information for motor imagery assessments
A Lanata, L Sebastiani, F Di Gruttola, S Di Modica, EP Scilingo, A Greco
Frontiers in Neuroscience, 1431, 2020
The higher the basal vagal tone the better the motor imagery ability.
L Sebastiani, F Di Gruttola, O Incognito, E Menardo, EL Santarcangelo
Archives italiennes de biologie 157 (1), 3-14, 2019
The theoretical and applied implications of using imagery to improve the performance and well-being of endurance performers
S McCormick, F di Gruttola, M Bertollo
Endurance performance in sport: psychological theory and interventions, 138-152, 2019
Task-independent electrophysiological correlates of motor imagery ability from kinaesthetic and visual perspectives
D Menicucci, F Di Gruttola, V Cesari, A Gemignani, D Manzoni, ...
Neuroscience 443, 176-187, 2020
Visuospatial imagery in healthy individuals with different hypnotizability levels
O Incognito, E Menardo, F Di Gruttola, F Tomaiuolo, L Sebastiani, ...
Neuroscience Letters 690, 158-161, 2019
Questionnaires do not discriminate motor imagery ability of people with different motor expertise
F Di Gruttola, L Sebastiani
Revista de psicología del deporte 26 (3), 124-129, 2017
The relation between motor imagery abilities, memory and plasticity in healthy adults
F Di Gruttola
University of Pisa, 2018
Athletes and Coaches Through COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative View of Goal Management
S Costa, E De Gregorio, L Zurzolo, G Santi, EG Ciofi, F Di Gruttola, ...
Preprints, 2022
The Relation Between Consumers' Frontal Alpha Asymmetry, Attitude, and Investment Decision
F Di Gruttola, AP Malizia, S D'Arcangelo, N Lattanzi, E Ricciardi, MD Orfei
Frontiers in neuroscience 14, 1414, 2021
Estimating Successful Internal Mobility: A Comparison Between Structural Equation Models and Machine Learning Algorithms
F Bossi, F Di Gruttola, A Mastrogiorgio, S D'Arcangelo, N Lattanzi, ...
Frontiers in artificial intelligence 5, 2022
Visuospatial imagery in healthy individuals with different hypnotizability levels
I Oriana, M Elisa, F Di Gruttola, F Tomaiuolo, L Sebastiani, ...
Motor imagery assessment in research and professional practice: an evidence-based protocol
F Di Gruttola, D Menicucci, E Menardo, O Incognito, L Sebastiani
14^ World Congress of the International Society of Sport Psychology, 341-342, 2017
Objective and subjective assessment of kinesthetic imagery: different measures of the same ability
F Di Gruttola, O Incognito, E Menardo, D Menicucci, L Sebastiani
Annual Meeting of the Research in Imagery and Observation Group, 2017
Preliminar studies on the kinesthetic and visual motor imagery index in young adults
F Di Gruttola, O Incognito, E Menardo, D Menicucci, N Novembrini, ...
X^ FENS Forum of Neuroscience, Copenhagen (DK), 2016
Un training di immaginazione motoria automatica incrementerebbe le abilitá di problem solving nei bambini di etá pre-scolare
F Di Gruttola
XXI^ National Congress of the Italian Association of Sport & Exercise …, 2016
La qualità della motor imagery potrebbe essere collegata a specifiche condizioni psicofisiologiche negli atleti: uno studio preliminare.
F Di Gruttola, O Incognito, E Menardo, L Sebastiani, D Manzoni
XXI Congresso Nazionale della Associazione Italiana Psicologia dello Sport …, 2016
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