Jérémie Bourdon
Jérémie Bourdon
Full Professor, Université de Nantes
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Combinations of cytochrome P450 gene polymorphisms enhancing the risk for sporadic colorectal cancer related to red meat consumption
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Dynamical analysis of α-Euclidean algorithms
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Generalized pattern matching statistics
J Bourdon, B Vallée
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Size and path length of Patricia tries: dynamical sources context
J Bourdon
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A multi-objective constraint-based approach for modeling genome-scale microbial ecosystems
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Temporal constraints of a gene regulatory network: Refining a qualitative simulation
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A combinatorial approach to products of Pisot substitutions
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On the stack-size of general tries
J Bourdon, M Nebel, B Vallée
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Generating discrete planes with substitutions
V Berthé, J Bourdon, T Jolivet, A Siegel
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Integrating quantitative knowledge into a qualitative gene regulatory network
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A generic stoichiometric model to analyse the metabolic flexibility of the mammary gland in lactating dairy cows
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Exploring metabolism flexibility in complex organisms through quantitative study of precursor sets for system outputs
O Abdou-Arbi, S Lemosquet, J Van Milgen, A Siegel, J Bourdon
BMC systems biology 8 (1), 8, 2014
Modelization of the regulation of protein synthesis following fertilization in sea urchin shows requirement of two processes: a destabilization of eIF4E: 4E-BP complex and a …
S Laurent, A Richard, O Mulner-Lorillon, J Morales, D Flament, V Glippa, ...
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Computational discovery of dynamic cell line specific Boolean networks from multiplex time-course data
M Razzaq, L Paulevé, A Siegel, J Saez-Rodriguez, J Bourdon, ...
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Toll based measures for dynamical graphs
J Bourdon, D Eveillard
arXiv preprint q-bio/0702060, 2007
Analyse dynamique d'algorithmes: exemples en arithmétique et en théorie de l'information
J Bourdon
Caen, 2002
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