Fabio Moretti
Fabio Moretti
Research fellow at ENEA. PhD at Roma Tre University
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Urban traffic flow forecasting through statistical and neural network bagging ensemble hybrid modeling
F Moretti, S Pizzuti, S Panzieri, M Annunziato
Neurocomputing 167, 3-7, 2015
The role of data sample size and dimensionality in neural network based forecasting of building heating related variables
M Macas, F Moretti, A Fonti, A Giantomassi, G Comodi, M Annunziato, ...
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Smart street lighting management
S Pizzuti, M Annunziato, F Moretti
Energy Efficiency 6 (3), 607-616, 2013
Building fan coil electric consumption analysis with fuzzy approaches for fault detection and diagnosis
F Lauro, F Moretti, A Capozzoli, I Khan, S Pizzuti, M Macas, S Panzieri
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Start-up optimisation of a combined cycle power plant with multiobjective evolutionary algorithms
I Bertini, MD Felice, F Moretti, S Pizzuti
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Urban traffic flow forecasting using neural-statistic hybrid modeling
M Annunziato, F Moretti, S Pizzuti
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Advanced street lighting control through neural network ensembling
S Pizzuti, F Moretti, M Annunziato, S Panzieri
The second international conference on smart systems, devices and …, 2013
Indoor lighting fault detection and diagnosis using a data fusion approach
F Marino, A Capozzoli, M Grossoni, F Lauro, F Leccese, F Moretti, ...
Energy Production and Management in the 21st Century: The Quest for …, 2014
Sensitivity based feature selection for recurrent neural network applied to forecasting of heating gas consumption
M Macas, F Lauro, F Moretti, S Pizzuti, M Annunziato, A Fonti, G Comodi, ...
International Joint Conference SOCO’14-CISIS’14-ICEUTE’14, 259-268, 2014
Importance of feature selection for recurrent neural network based forecasting of building thermal comfort
M Macas, F Moretti, F Lauro, S Pizzuti, M Annunziato, A Fonti, G Comodi, ...
International Conference on Adaptive and Intelligent Systems, 11-19, 2014
Sviluppo sistemi intelligenti per la gestione della Smart Street
M Annunziato, F Bucci, C Meloni, F Moretti, S Pizzuti
An iot application for industry 4.0: a new and efficient public lighting management model
M Leccisi, F Leccese, F Moretti, L Blaso, A Brutti, N Gozo
2020 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Industry 4.0 & IoT, 669-673, 2020
Metodologia di ottimizzazione multi-obiettivo della climatizzazione termica di edifici. Validazione su sistema di simulazione
F Moretti, S Panzieri
ENEA, Univ. Roma Tre, Settembre, 2013
Sviluppo di una sperimentazione dimostrativa di “Smart Village” e metodi di progettazione
M Annunziato, G Comodi, F Lauro, C Meloni, F Moretti, S Pizzuti, ...
ENEA, Report RdS/2012/053, 2012
Technical and economic analysis of a Smart Public Lighting model
F Bucci, M Annunziato, F Moretti
EPJ Web of Conferences 33, 05010, 2012
Challenges and opportunities of Blockchain technology in the energy sector
M Botticelli, F Moretti, S Pizzuti, S Romano
2020 AEIT International Annual Conference (AEIT), 1-6, 2020
Sensitivity based selection of inputs and delays for NARX models
M Macas, F Moretti
Proceedings of the 9th EAI International Conference on Bio-inspired …, 2016
Realizzazione di una piattaforma integrata per il data fusion di segnali provenienti da sistemi sensoriali per applicazioni di smart city integrate nella rete della pubblica …
S Pizzuti, F Moretti
ENEA, 2012
Illuminazione pubblica adattiva: modellistica dei sistemi intelligenti
S Pizzuti, M Annunziato, F Bucci, F Moretti
Energetica, 2011
From Big Data to Smart Data-centric Software Architectures for City Analytics: the case of the PELL Smart City Platform
M Ali, P Scandurra, F Moretti, L Blaso, M Leccisi, F Leccese
2021 IEEE International Conference on Smart Data Services (SMDS), 95-104, 2021
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