Juliana Hipólito
Juliana Hipólito
Universidade Federal da Bahia
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Wild pollinators enhance fruit set of crops regardless of honey bee abundance
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Pollination biology and genetic variability of a giant perfumed flower (Aristolochia gigantea Mart. and Zucc., Aristolochiaceae) visited mainly by small Diptera
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The value of pollinator-friendly practices: Synergies between natural and anthropogenic assets
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Spatial and temporal variation in volatile composition suggests olfactory division of labor within the trap flowers of Aristolochia gigantea
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Solving problems involving the distribution of a species of unknown distribution via ecological niche modeling
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Valuing nature's contribution to people: The pollination services provided by two protected areas in Brazil
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The pollination biology of Pseudostifftia kingii H. Rob.(Asteraceae), a rare endemic Brazilian species with uniflorous capitula
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Male sleeping aggregation of multiple Eucerini bee genera (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil
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Support transgender scientists post–COVID-19
S Turney, MM Carvalho, ME Sousa, C Birrer, TEF Cordeiro, ...
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Performance, effectiveness, and efficiency of honeybees as pollinators of Coffea arabica (Gentianales, Rubiaceae)
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A quantitative approach to the socio-economic valuation of pollinator-friendly practices: A protocol for its use.
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Legislation and pollination: Recommendations for policymakers and scientists
J Hipólito, J Coutinho, T Mahlmann, TBR Santana, WE Magnusson
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation, 2021
Unwrapping the long-term impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on Brazilian academic mothers: the urgency of short, medium, and long-term measures
J HipÓlito, LM Diele-Viegas, TÁEF Cordeiro, LP Sales, A Medeiros, ...
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências 92, 2020
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