Istvan A. Szabo
Istvan A. Szabo
University of Debrecen, Department of Solid State Physics
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Porous silicon bulk micromachining for thermally isolated membrane formation
C Dücsö, E Vazsonyi, M Adam, I Szabó, I Bársony, JGE Gardeniers, ...
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Interface sharpening instead of broadening by diffusion in ideal binary alloys
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Hyponatremia and sensorineural hearing loss in preterm infants
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Diffusion-induced bending of thin sheet couples: Theory and experiments in Ti-Zr system
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Diffusion-induced stresses and their relaxation
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Photoinduced transformations and holographic recording in nanolayered a-Se/As2S3 and AsSe/As2S3 films
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Surface Ostwald ripening of Pd nanoparticles on the MgO (100) surface
A Imre, DL Beke, E Gontier-Moya, IA Szabo, E Gillet
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Photoinduced mass-transport based holographic recording of surface relief gratings in amorphous selenium films
ML Trunov, PM Lytvyn, SN Yannopoulos, IA Szabo, S Kökényesi
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Segregation inhibited grain coarsening in nanocrystalline alloys
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The cinema of central Europe
P Hames
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Tracking nanoelectrochemistry using individual plasmonic nanocavities
G Di Martino, VA Turek, A Lombardi, I Szabó, B De Nijs, A Kuhn, E Rosta, ...
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Morphological evolution of thin gold films studied by Auger electron spectroscopy in beading conditions
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On the transition between the C and B kinetic regimes for grain-boundary diffusion
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On the diffusion of 59Fe into aluminium and Al Mn solid solutions
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Performance management of cellular mobile packet data networks
S Malomsoky, A Veres, I Szabo, T Borsos
US Patent 7,929,512, 2011
Formation of surface structures on amorphous chalcogenide films
S Kokenyesi, I Ivan, V Takats, J Palinkas, S Biri, IA Szabo
Journal of non-crystalline solids 353 (13-15), 1470-1473, 2007
Surface grating formation and erasing on a-Se films
V Palyok, IA Szabo, DL Beke, A Kikineshi
Applied Physics A 74, 683-687, 2002
Why Diffusion and Stresses?
DL Beke
Defect and Diffusion Forum 129, 9-30, 1996
Diffusion-induced bending of Cu-Ni thin sheet diffusion couples
G Opposits, S Szabo, DL Beke, Z Guba, IA Szabo
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Size effects in surface segregation
C Cserhati, IA Szabo, DL Beke
Journal of applied physics 83 (6), 3021-3027, 1998
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