Kiril M. Dimitrov
Kiril M. Dimitrov
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Temporal, geographic, and host distribution of avian paramyxovirus 1 (Newcastle disease virus)
KM Dimitrov, AM Ramey, X Qiu, J Bahl, CL Afonso
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 39, 22-34, 2016
Newcastle disease vaccines—A solved problem or a continuous challenge?
KM Dimitrov, CL Afonso, Q Yu, PJ Miller
Veterinary microbiology 206, 126-136, 2017
A robust and cost-effective approach to sequence and analyze complete genomes of small RNA viruses
KM Dimitrov, P Sharma, JD Volkening, IV Goraichuk, A Wajid, ...
Virology Journal 14 (1), 72, 2017
Updated unified phylogenetic classification system and revised nomenclature for Newcastle disease virus
KM Dimitrov, C Abolnik, CL Afonso, E Albina, J Bahl, M Berg, FX Briand, ...
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 74, 103917, 2019
Presence of vaccine-derived Newcastle disease viruses in wild birds
AJ Ayala, KM Dimitrov, CR Becker, IV Goraichuk, CW Arns, VI Bolotin, ...
PloS one 11 (9), e0162484, 2016
Newcastle Disease Viruses Causing Recent Outbreaks Worldwide Show Unexpectedly High Genetic Similarity to Historical Virulent Isolates from the 1940s
KM Dimitrov, DH Lee, D Williams-Coplin, TL Olivier, PJ Miller, CL Afonso
Journal of clinical microbiology 54 (5), 1228-1235, 2016
Repeated isolation of virulent Newcastle disease viruses in poultry and captive non-poultry avian species in Pakistan from 2011 to 2016
A Wajid, KM Dimitrov, M Wasim, SF Rehmani, A Basharat, T Bibi, S Arif, ...
Preventive Veterinary Medicine 142, 1-6, 2017
Phylogenetic assessment reveals continuous evolution and circulation of pigeon-derived virulent avian avulaviruses 1 in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa
M Sabra, KM Dimitrov, IV Goraichuk, A Wajid, P Sharma, ...
BMC Veterinary Research 13 (1), 291, 2017
International Biological Engagement Programs Facilitate Newcastle Disease Epidemiological Studies
PJ Miller, KM Dimitrov, D Williams-Coplin, MP Peterson, ...
Frontiers in Public Health 3, 235, 2015
Complete genome sequence of an avian paramyxovirus representative of putative new serotype 13
I Goraichuk, P Sharma, B Stegniy, D Muzyka, MJ Pantin-Jackwood, ...
Genome announcements 4 (4), 2016
Complete genome sequence of a genotype XVII Newcastle disease virus, isolated from an apparently healthy domestic duck in Nigeria
I Shittu, P Sharma, TM Joannis, JD Volkening, GN Odaibo, DO Olaleye, ...
Genome announcements 4 (1), 2016
An Epizootiological Report of the Re‐emergence and Spread of a Lineage of Virulent Newcastle Disease Virus into Eastern Europe
C Fuller, B Löndt, KM Dimitrov, N Lewis, S van Boheemen, R Fouchier, ...
Transboundary and emerging diseases 64 (3), 1001-1007, 2017
Whole-genome sequencing of genotype VI Newcastle disease viruses from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues from wild pigeons reveals continuous evolution and previously …
Y He, TL Taylor, KM Dimitrov, SL Butt, JB Stanton, IV Goraichuk, H Fenton, ...
Virology Journal 15 (1), 9, 2018
Repeated isolation of virulent Newcastle disease viruses of sub-genotype VIId from backyard chickens in Bulgaria and Ukraine between 2002 and 2013
KM Dimitrov, V Bolotin, D Muzyka, IV Goraichuk, O Solodiankin, ...
Archives of Virology 161 (12), 3345-3353, 2016
Rapid virulence prediction and identification of Newcastle disease virus genotypes using third-generation sequencing
SL Butt, TL Taylor, JD Volkening, KM Dimitrov, D Williams-Coplin, ...
Virology journal 15 (1), 1-14, 2018
Assessment of contemporary genetic diversity and inter-taxa/inter-region exchange of avian paramyxovirus serotype 1 in wild birds sampled in North America
AM Ramey, IV Goraichuk, JT Hicks, KM Dimitrov, RL Poulson, ...
Virology journal 14 (1), 43, 2017
Genome-wide analysis reveals class and gene specific codon usage adaptation in avian paramyxoviruses 1
TL Taylor, KM Dimitrov, CL Afonso
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 50, 28-37, 2017
Status of wild birds in Bulgarian zoos with regard to orthomyxovirus and paramyxovirus type 1 infections
KM Dimitrov, RJ Manvell, GV Goujgoulova
Avian diseases 54 (s1), 361-364, 2010
Pathogenicity and transmission of virulent Newcastle disease virus from the 2018–2019 California outbreak and related viruses in young and adult chickens
KM Dimitrov, HL Ferreira, MJ Pantin-Jackwood, TL Taylor, IV Goraichuk, ...
Virology 531, 203-218, 2019
Evaluation of Protective Efficacy When Combining Turkey Herpesvirus–Vector Vaccines
JR Dunn, KM Dimitrov, PJ Miller, M Garcia, K Turner-Alston, A Brown, ...
Avian Diseases 63 (1), 75-83, 2018
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