Márcio Fagundes Goethel
Márcio Fagundes Goethel
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Is the handgrip strength performance better in judokas than in non-judokas?
JA Dias, M Wentz, W Külkamp, D Mattos, M Goethel, NB Júnior
Science & Sports 27 (3), e9-e14, 2012
Kinesio Taping effects on knee extension force among soccer players
MVGB Serra, ER Vieira, D Brunt, MF Goethel, M Gonçalves, ...
Brazilian journal of physical therapy 19, 152-158, 2015
Caffeine improved cycling trial performance in mentally fatigued cyclists, regardless of alterations in prefrontal cortex activation
PE Franco-Alvarenga, C Brietzke, R Canestri, MF Goethel, F Hettinga, ...
Physiology & Behavior 204, 41-48, 2019
Neuromuscular performance of Bandal Chagui: Comparison of subelite and elite taekwondo athletes
PVS Moreira, MF Goethel, M Gonçalves
Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology 30, 55-65, 2016
Neuromuscular performance of Bandal Chagui: Comparison of subelite and elite taekwondo athletes
PVS Moreira, MF Goethel, M Gonçalves
Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology 30, 55-65, 2016
Fingers Movements Control System Based on Artificial Neural Network Model
K Vonsevych, MF Goethel, J Mrozowski, J Awrejcewicz, M Bezuglyi
Radioelectronics and Communications Systems 62 (1), 23-33, 2019
Finite element analysis of impact for helmeted and non-helmeted head
I Levadnyi, J Awrejcewicz, Y Zhang, MF Goethel, Y Gu
Journal of medical and biological engineering 38 (4), 587-595, 2018
Talent detection in taekwondo: which factors are associated with the longitudinal competitive success?
PVS Moreira, LF Crozara, MF Goethel, LV de Paula, F Vieira
Archives of Budo, 295-306, 2014
Ankle brace attenuates the medial-lateral ground reaction force during basketball rebound jump
A Castro, MF Goethel, AF Gáspari, LF Crozara, M Gonçalves
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte 23, 232-236, 2017
Influence of the fixation region of a press–fit hip endoprosthesis on the stress–strain state of the “bone–implant” system
I Levadnyi, J Awrejcewicz, MF Goethel, A Loskutov
Computers in Biology and Medicine 84, 195-204, 2017
Relationships of the expertise level of taekwondo athletes with electromyographic, kinematic and ground reaction force performance indicators during the dollyo chagui kick
PVS Moreira1ABCD, E Franchini2ACDE, U Fernandes, ...
Caffeine increased muscle endurance performance despite reduced cortical activation and unchanged neuromuscular efficiency and corticomuscular coherence
PE Franco-Alvarenga, C Brietzke, R Canestri, MF Goethel, BF Viana, ...
Nutrients 11 (10), 2471, 2019
Effect of age and fall status on lower-extremity muscle activation and joint torque and power in physically active women
LF Crozara, MH Morcelli, CZ Hallal, NR Marques, DH Spinoso, ...
Isokinetics and Exercise Science 24 (1), 67-77, 2016
A comparison of lower limb kinematics between superior and intermediate players in table tennis forehand loop
Y Zhang, J Awrejcewicz, M Goethel, I Levadnyi, Y Gu
ISBS Proceedings Archive 35 (1), 40, 2017
Effects of fatigue on the neuromuscular capacity of professional soccer players
PVS Moreira, M Gonçalves, LF Crozara, A Castro, AFA Neto, MF Goethel, ...
Isokinetics and Exercise Science 23 (4), 275-282, 2015
A global view on how local muscular fatigue affects human performance
MF Goethel, M Gonçalves, C Brietzke, AC Cardozo, JP Vilas-Boas, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (33), 19866-19872, 2020
A Bibliometric analysis of intraoperative neuromonitoring in spine surgery
P Fonseca, M Goethel, JP Vilas-Boas, M Gutierres, MV Correia
World Neurosurgery 154, 3-12, 2021
Proof-of-concept and test-retest reliability study of psychological and physiological variables of the mental fatigue paradigm
C Brietzke, Í Vinícius, PE Franco-Alvarenga, R Canestri, MF Goethel, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18 (18), 9532, 2021
Carbohydrate mouth rinse mitigates mental fatigue effects on maximal incremental test performance, but not in cortical alterations
C Brietzke, PE Franco-Alvarenga, R Canestri, MF Goethel, Í Vínicius, ...
Brain Sciences 10 (8), 493, 2020
Coordinative intra-segment indicators of karate performance
MF Goethel, UF Ervilha, P Vieira, S Moreira2BD, V de Paula Silva, ...
Arch. Budo 15, 203-211, 2019
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