Evgen Lebedev
Evgen Lebedev
Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the NAS of Ukraine
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Electrical and thermal conductivity of polymers filled with metal powders
YP Mamunya, VV Davydenko, P Pissis, EV Lebedev
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Effect of polymer-filler interface interactions on percolation conductivity of thermoplastics filled with carbon black
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Percolation conductivity of polymer composites filled with dispersed conductive filler
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Electrical and thermomechanical properties of segregated nanocomposites based on PVC and multiwalled carbon nanotubes
YP Mamunya, VV Levchenko, A Rybak, G Boiteux, EV Lebedev, J Ulanski, ...
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YP Mamunya, VI Shtompel, EV Lebedev, P Pissis, A Kanapitsas, ...
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PTC effect and structure of polymer composites based on polyethylene/polyoxymethylene blend filled with dispersed iron
YP Mamunya, YV Muzychenko, EV Lebedev, G Boiteux, G Seytre, ...
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From conductive polymer composites with controlled morphology to smart materials
G Boiteux, YP Mamunya, EV Lebedev, A Adamczewski, C Boullanger, ...
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Influence of organo-clay on electrical and mechanical properties of PP/MWCNT/OC nanocomposites
V Levchenko, Y Mamunya, G Boiteux, M Lebovka, P Alcouffe, G Seytre, ...
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Water sorption and electrical/dielectric properties of organic‐inorganic polymer blends
Y Mamunya, A Kanapitsas, P Pissis, G Boiteux, E Lebedev
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Improvement of thermal and electrical properties of Silicone–Ni composites using magnetic field
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Processing, structure, and electrical properties of metal-filled polymers
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VV Klepko, BB Kolupaev, BS Kolupaev, EV Lebedev
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IS LIPATOV, VF Shumskii, EV Lebedev, AE Nesterov
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On structure of transition layer in polymer blends
YL Lipatov, EV Lebedev
Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR 230, 1380, 1975
Physical characterization of polyurethanes reinforced with the in situ-generated silica-polyphosphate nano-phase
EV Lebedev, SS Ishchenko, VD Denisenko, VO Dupanov, EG Privalko, ...
Composites science and technology 66 (16), 3132-3137, 2006
Rheological properties and electric conductivity of carbon black-filled polyethylene and polypropylene
EP Mamunya, VF Shumskii, EV Lebedev
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Controlling morphology, electrical, and mechanical properties of polymer blends by heterogeneous distribution of carbon nanotubes
Y Mamunya, V Levchenko, G Boiteux, G Seytre, M Zanoaga, F Tanasa, ...
Polymer Composites 37 (8), 2467-2477, 2016
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