Zhongyu Cai
Zhongyu Cai
University of Pittsburgh, National University of Singapore, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
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Two-dimensional photonic crystal chemical and biomolecular sensors
Z Cai, NL Smith, JT Zhang, SA Asher
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Controllable synthesis of mesoporous F–TiO 2 spheres for effective photocatalysis
JH Pan, Z Cai, Y Yu, XS Zhao
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A Photonic Crystal Protein Hydrogel Sensor for Candida albicans
Z Cai, DH Kwak, D Punihaole, Z Hong, SS Velankar, X Liu, SA Asher
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Recent advances and applications of semiconductor photocatalytic technology
F Zhang, X Wang, H Liu, C Liu, Y Wan, Y Long, Z Cai
Applied Sciences 9 (12), 2489, 2019
Fabrication of TiO2 Binary Inverse Opals without Overlayers via the Sandwich-Vacuum Infiltration of Precursor
Z Cai, J Teng, Z Xiong, Y Li, Q Li, X Lu, XS Zhao
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2D photonic crystal protein hydrogel coulometer for sensing serum albumin ligand binding
Z Cai, JT Zhang, F Xue, Z Hong, D Punihaole, SA Asher
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Two-dimensional photonic crystal sensors for visual detection of lectin concanavalin A
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L Wang, Y Wan, Y Li, Z Cai, HL Li, XS Zhao, Q Li
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Z Cai, Z Xiong, X Lu, J Teng
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Fabrication of large domain crack-free colloidal crystal heterostructures with superposition bandgaps using hydrophobic polystyrene spheres
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Poly (propylene fumarate)/(calcium sulphate/β-tricalcium phosphate) composites: Preparation, characterization and in vitro degradation
ZY Cai, DA Yang, N Zhang, CG Ji, L Zhu, T Zhang
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Photonic crystal protein hydrogel sensor materials enabled by conformationally induced volume phase transition
Z Cai, LA Luck, D Punihaole, JD Madura, SA Asher
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Responsive photonic crystal carbohydrate hydrogel sensor materials for selective and sensitive lectin protein detection
Z Cai, A Sasmal, X Liu, SA Asher
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In situ “doping” inverse silica opals with size-controllable gold nanoparticles for refractive index sensing
Z Cai, YJ Liu, X Lu, J Teng
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Simulation and fabrication of binary colloidal photonic crystals and their inverse structures
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Highly ordered and gap controllable two-dimensional non-close-packed colloidal crystals and plasmonic–photonic crystals with enhanced optical transmission
Z Cai, YJ Liu, ESP Leong, J Teng, X Lu
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (47), 24668-24675, 2012
An improved convective self-assembly method for the fabrication of binary colloidal crystals and inverse structures
Z Cai, J Teng, Y Wan, XS Zhao
Journal of colloid and interface science 380 (1), 42-50, 2012
Solvent effect on the self-assembly of colloidal microspheres via a horizontal deposition method
Z Cai, J Teng, Q Yan, XS Zhao
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Fabrication of well-ordered binary colloidal crystals with extended size ratios for broadband reflectance
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Optically switchable photonic crystals based on inverse opals partially infiltrated by photoresponsive liquid crystals
YJ Liu, Z Cai, SP Eunice, XS Zhao, JH Teng
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (15), 7609-7613, 2012
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