Nathalia Peixoto
Nathalia Peixoto
Electrical and Computer Engineering, George Mason University
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Ge-Doped -Ga2O3 MOSFETs
N Moser, J McCandless, A Crespo, K Leedy, A Green, A Neal, S Mou, ...
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Lifetime assessment of atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3–Parylene C bilayer coating for neural interfaces using accelerated age testing and electrochemical characterization
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E Galeazzo, HEM Peres, G Santos, N Peixoto, FJ Ramirez-Fernandez
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Electrochemical characterization of multi-walled carbon nanotube coated electrodes for biological applications
S Minnikanti, P Skeath, N Peixoto
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NA Moser, JP McCandless, A Crespo, KD Leedy, AJ Green, ER Heller, ...
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Real-time tracking of neuronal network structure using data assimilation
F Hamilton, T Berry, N Peixoto, T Sauer
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Chronic intracortical neural recordings using microelectrode arrays coated with PEDOT–TFB
H Charkhkar, GL Knaack, DG McHail, HS Mandal, N Peixoto, ...
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A portable wireless biometric multi-channel system
L Boquete, JMR Ascariz, J Cantos, R Barea, JM Miguel, S Ortega, ...
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Improved sleep–wake and behavior discrimination using MEMS accelerometers
S Sunderam, N Chernyy, N Peixoto, JP Mason, SL Weinstein, SJ Schiff, ...
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In vivo characterization of amorphous silicon carbide as a biomaterial for chronic neural interfaces
GL Knaack, DG McHail, G Borda, B Koo, N Peixoto, SF Cogan, TC Dumas, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 10, 301, 2016
Voice controlled wheelchairs: Fine control by humming
N Peixoto, HG Nik, H Charkhkar
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Detecting connectivity changes in neuronal networks
T Berry, F Hamilton, N Peixoto, T Sauer
Journal of neuroscience methods 209 (2), 388-397, 2012
Seizure entrainment with polarizing low-frequency electric fields in a chronic animal epilepsy model
S Sunderam, N Chernyy, N Peixoto, JP Mason, SL Weinstein, SJ Schiff, ...
Journal of neural engineering 6 (4), 046009, 2009
Use of cortical neuronal networks for in vitro material biocompatibility testing
H Charkhkar, C Frewin, M Nezafati, GL Knaack, N Peixoto, SE Saddow, ...
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Amyloid beta modulation of neuronal network activity in vitro
H Charkhkar, S Meyyappan, E Matveeva, JR Moll, DG McHail, N Peixoto, ...
Brain research 1629, 1-9, 2015
In vivo electrochemical characterization and inflammatory response of multiwalled carbon nanotube-based electrodes in rat hippocampus
S Minnikanti, MGAG Pereira, S Jaraiedi, K Jackson, CM Costa-Neto, Q Li, ...
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Correlation of the electrical and intrinsic optical signals in the chicken spreading depression phenomenon
NLV Peixoto, VMF De Lima, W Hanke
Neuroscience letters 299 (1-2), 89-92, 2001
Differential responses to ω-agatoxin IVA in murine frontal cortex and spinal cord derived neuronal networks
GL Knaack, H Charkhkar, FW Hamilton, N Peixoto, TJ O'Shaughnessy, ...
NeuroToxicology 37, 19-25, 2013
Charge storage: stability measures in implantable electrodes
N Peixoto, K Jackson, R Samiyi, S Minnikanti
2009 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and …, 2009
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