J. Patrick Laceby
J. Patrick Laceby
Alberta Environment and Parks, Environmental Monitoring and Science Division
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The challenges and opportunities of addressing particle size effects in sediment source fingerprinting: a review
JP Laceby, O Evrard, HG Smith, WH Blake, JM Olley, JPG Minella, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 169, 85-103, 2017
Radiocesium transfer from hillslopes to the Pacific Ocean after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident: A review
O Evrard, JP Laceby, H Lepage, Y Onda, O Cerdan, S Ayrault
Journal of environmental radioactivity 148, 92-110, 2015
An examination of geochemical modelling approaches to tracing sediment sources incorporating distribution mixing and elemental correlations
JP Laceby, J Olley
Hydrological processes 29 (6), 1669-1685, 2015
Accuracy of mixing models in predicting sediment source contributions
A Haddadchi, J Olley, P Laceby
Science of the Total Environment 497, 139-152, 2014
A comparison of geological and statistical approaches to element selection for sediment fingerprinting
JP Laceby, J McMahon, O Evrard, J Olley
Journal of Soils and Sediments 15 (10), 2117-2131, 2015
Identifying subsoil sediment sources with carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios
JP Laceby, J Olley, TJ Pietsch, F Sheldon, SE Bunn
Hydrological processes 29 (8), 1956-1971, 2015
Combining multiple fallout radionuclides (137Cs, 7Be, 210Pbxs) to investigate temporal sediment source dynamics in tropical, ephemeral riverine systems
O Evrard, JP Laceby, S Huon, I Lefèvre, O Sengtaheuanghoung, ...
Journal of soils and sediments 16 (3), 1130-1144, 2016
The impact of typhoons on sediment connectivity: lessons learnt from contaminated coastal catchments of the Fukushima Prefecture (Japan)
C Chartin, O Evrard, JP Laceby, Y Onda, C Ottlé, I Lefèvre, O Cerdan
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 42 (2), 306-317, 2017
Differentiating the sources of fine sediment, organic matter and nitrogen in a subtropical Australian catchment
A Garzon-Garcia, JP Laceby, JM Olley, SE Bunn
Science of the total environment 575, 1384-1394, 2017
Quantifying the dominant sources of sediment in a drained lowland agricultural catchment: The application of a thorium-based particle size correction in sediment fingerprinting
A Foucher, PJ Laceby, S Salvador-Blanes, O Evrard, M Le Gall, I Lefèvre, ...
Geomorphology 250, 271-281, 2015
Do forests represent a long-term source of contaminated particulate matter in the Fukushima Prefecture?
JP Laceby, S Huon, Y Onda, V Vaury, O Evrard
Journal of environmental management 183, 742-753, 2016
Depth distribution of cesium-137 in paddy fields across the Fukushima pollution plume in 2013
H Lepage, O Evrard, Y Onda, I Lefèvre, JP Laceby, S Ayrault
Journal of environmental radioactivity 147, 157-164, 2015
Novel insights into Fukushima nuclear accident from isotopic evidence of plutonium spread along coastal rivers
O Evrard, F Pointurier, Y Onda, C Chartin, A Hubert, H Lepage, AC Pottin, ...
Environmental science & technology 48 (16), 9334-9340, 2014
Rainfall erosivity in catchments contaminated with fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident
JP Laceby, C Chartin, O Evrard, Y Onda, L Garcia-Sanchez, O Cerdan
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 20 (6), 2467-2482, 2016
Investigating the metal contamination of sediment transported by the 2016 Seine River flood (Paris, France)
M Le Gall, S Ayrault, O Evrard, JP Laceby, D Gateuille, I Lefèvre, ...
Environmental Pollution 240, 125-139, 2018
Quantifying sediment sources in a lowland agricultural catchment pond using 137Cs activities and radiogenic 87Sr/86Sr ratios
M Le Gall, O Evrard, A Foucher, JP Laceby, S Salvador-Blanes, F Thil, ...
Science of the Total Environment 566, 968-980, 2016
Investigating the temporal dynamics of suspended sediment during flood events with 7 Be and 210 Pb xs measurements in a drained lowland catchment
M Le Gall, O Evrard, A Foucher, JP Laceby, S Salvador-Blanes, L Manière, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
Investigating the source of radiocesium contaminated sediment in two Fukushima coastal catchments with sediment tracing techniques
H Lepage, JP Laceby, P Bonté, JL Joron, Y Onda, I Lefèvre, S Ayrault, ...
Anthropocene 13, 57-68, 2016
Environmental DNA provides information on sediment sources: a study in catchments affected by Fukushima radioactive fallout
O Evrard, JP Laceby, GF Ficetola, L Gielly, S Huon, I Lefevre, Y Onda, ...
Science of The Total Environment 665, 873-881, 2019
Quantifying the dilution of the radiocesium contamination in Fukushima coastal river sediment (2011–2015)
O Evrard, JP Laceby, Y Onda, Y Wakiyama, H Jaegler, I Lefèvre
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-8, 2016
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