Vladyslav Turlo
Vladyslav Turlo
Modeling&Simulations team leader at Empa, Switzerland
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Grain boundary complexions and the strength of nanocrystalline metals: Dislocation emission and propagation
V Turlo, TJ Rupert
Acta Materialia 151, 100-111, 2018
Ultrahigh energy absorption multifunctional spinodal nanoarchitectures
A Guell Izard, J Bauer, C Crook, V Turlo, L Valdevit
Small 15 (45), 1903834, 2019
Dissolution process at solid/liquid interface in nanometric metallic multilayers: Molecular dynamics simulations versus diffusion modeling
V Turlo, O Politano, F Baras
Acta Materialia 99, 363-372, 2015
SHS in Ni/Al nanofoils: a review of experiments and molecular dynamics simulations
F Baras, V Turlo, O Politano, SG Vadchenko, AS Rogachev, AS Mukasyan
Advanced Engineering Materials 20 (8), 1800091, 2018
Modeling self-sustaining waves of exothermic dissolution in nanometric Ni-Al multilayers
V Turlo, O Politano, F Baras
Acta Materialia 120, 189-204, 2016
Alloying propagation in nanometric Ni/Al multilayers: A molecular dynamics study
V Turlo, O Politano, F Baras
Journal of Applied Physics 121 (5), 2017
Comparative study of embedded-atom methods applied to the reactivity in the Ni–Al system
V Turlo, F Baras, O Politano
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 25 (6), 064002, 2017
Disconnection-mediated twin embryo growth in Mg
Y Hu, V Turlo, IJ Beyerlein, S Mahajan, EJ Lavernia, JM Schoenung, ...
Acta Materialia 194, 437-451, 2020
Microstructure evolution and self-propagating reactions in Ni-Al nanofoils: An atomic-scale description
V Turlo, O Politano, F Baras
Journal of alloys and compounds 708, 989-998, 2017
Segregation competition and complexion coexistence within a polycrystalline grain boundary network
P Garg, Z Pan, V Turlo, TJ Rupert
Acta Materialia 218, 117213, 2021
A simple scaling model for balling defect formation during laser powder bed fusion
V Lindström, G Lupo, J Yang, V Turlo, C Leinenbach
Additive Manufacturing 63, 103431, 2023
Embracing the chaos: Alloying adds stochasticity to twin embryo growth
Y Hu, V Turlo, IJ Beyerlein, S Mahajan, EJ Lavernia, JM Schoenung, ...
Physical Review Letters 125 (20), 205503, 2020
Linear complexions: Metastable phase formation and coexistence at dislocations
V Turlo, TJ Rupert
Physical Review Letters 122 (12), 126102, 2019
Prediction of a wide variety of linear complexions in face centered cubic alloys
V Turlo, TJ Rupert
Acta Materialia 185, 129-141, 2020
Dislocation-induced Y segregation at basal-prismatic interfaces in Mg
Z Huang, V Turlo, X Wang, F Chen, Q Shen, L Zhang, IJ Beyerlein, ...
Computational Materials Science 188, 110241, 2021
Dislocation-assisted linear complexion formation driven by segregation
V Turlo, TJ Rupert
Scripta Materialia 154, 25-29, 2018
Model of phase separation and of morphology evolution in two-phase alloy
VV Turlo, AM Gusak, KN Tu
Philosophical Magazine 93 (16), 2013-2025, 2013
Atomistic Simulations of the Crystalline-to-Amorphous Transformation of γ-Al2O3 Nanoparticles: Delicate Interplay between Lattice Distortions, Stresses, and …
S Gramatte, LPH Jeurgens, O Politano, JA Simon Greminger, F Baras, ...
Langmuir 39 (18), 6301-6315, 2023
Linear complexions directly modify dislocation motion in face-centered cubic alloys
D Singh, V Turlo, DS Gianola, TJ Rupert
Materials Science and Engineering: A 870, 144875, 2023
Atomistic Assessment of Melting Point Depression and Enhanced Interfacial Diffusion of Cu in Confinement with AlN
YL Müller, LPH Jeurgens, A Antušek, V Turlo
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 (22), 26099-26115, 2022
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