Christian Temperli
Christian Temperli
Scientific staff at Resource Analysis, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape
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Cross‐scale interactions among bark beetles, climate change, and wind disturbances: A landscape modeling approach
C Temperli, H Bugmann, C Elkin
Ecological Monographs 83 (3), 383-402, 2013
A 2° C warmer world is not safe for ecosystem services in the E uropean A lps
C Elkin, AG Gutiérrez, S Leuzinger, C Manusch, C Temperli, L Rasche, ...
Global Change Biology 19 (6), 1827-1840, 2013
Adaptive management for competing forest goods and services under climate change
C Temperli, H Bugmann, C Elkin
Ecological Applications 22 (8), 2065-2077, 2012
Are forest disturbances amplifying or canceling out climate change-induced productivity changes in European forests?
CPO Reyer, S Bathgate, K Blennow, JG Borges, H Bugmann, S Delzon, ...
Environmental Research Letters 12 (3), 034027, 2017
Potential shift in tree species composition after interaction of fire and drought in the Central Alps
B Moser, C Temperli, G Schneiter, T Wohlgemuth
European Journal of Forest Research 129 (4), 625-633, 2010
A framework for modeling adaptive forest management and decision making under climate change
R Yousefpour, C Temperli, JB Jacobsen, BJ Thorsen, H Meilby, MJ Lexer, ...
Ecology and Society 22 (4), 2017
Interactions among spruce beetle disturbance, climate change and forest dynamics captured by a forest landscape model
C Temperli, TT Veblen, SJ Hart, D Kulakowski, AJ Tepley
Ecosphere 6 (11), 1-20, 2015
Updating beliefs and combining evidence in adaptive forest management under climate change: A case study of Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst) in the Black Forest, Germany
R Yousefpour, C Temperli, H Bugmann, C Elkin, M Hanewinkel, H Meilby, ...
Journal of environmental management 122, 56-64, 2013
Are density reduction treatments effective at managing for resistance or resilience to spruce beetle disturbance in the southern Rocky Mountains?
C Temperli, SJ Hart, TT Veblen, D Kulakowski, JJ Hicks, R Andrus
Forest Ecology and Management 334, 53-63, 2014
Actual European forest management by region, tree species and owner based on 714,000 re-measured trees in national forest inventories
MJ Schelhaas, J Fridman, GM Hengeveld, HM Henttonen, A Lehtonen, ...
PLoS One 13 (11), e0207151, 2018
Institutional factors and opportunities for adapting European forest management to climate change
L Bouriaud, M Marzano, M Lexer, L Nichiforel, C Reyer, C Temperli, ...
Regional Environmental Change 15 (8), 1595-1609, 2015
Sensitivity of ecosystem goods and services projections of a forest landscape model to initialization data
C Temperli, J Zell, H Bugmann, C Elkin
Landscape Ecology 28 (7), 1337-1352, 2013
What is Climate-Smart Forestry? A definition from a multinational collaborative process focused on mountain regions of Europe
E Bowditch, G Santopuoli, F Binder, M Del Rio, N La Porta, T Kluvankova, ...
Ecosystem Services 43, 101113, 2020
Silvicultural strategies for increased timber harvesting in a Central European mountain landscape
C Temperli, G Stadelmann, E Thürig, P Brang
European Journal of Forest Research 136 (3), 493-509, 2017
Age-class disequilibrium as an opportunity for adaptive forest management in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania
L Bouriaud, O Bouriaud, C Elkin, C Temperli, C Reyer, G Duduman, ...
Regional Environmental Change 15 (8), 1557-1568, 2015
Presenting MASSIMO: A management scenario simulation model to project growth, harvests and carbon dynamics of Swiss forests
G Stadelmann, C Temperli, B Rohner, M Didion, A Herold, E Rösler, ...
Forests 10 (2), 94, 2019
Timber mobilization and habitat tree retention in low-elevation mixed forests in Switzerland: an inventory-based scenario analysis of opportunities and constraints
C Temperli, G Stadelmann, E Thürig, P Brang
European Journal of Forest Research 136 (4), 711-725, 2017
Trade-offs between ecosystem service provision and the predisposition to disturbances: a NFI-based scenario analysis
C Temperli, C Blattert, G Stadelmann, UB Brändli, E Thürig
Forest Ecosystems 7 (1), 1-17, 2020
Modeling postglacial vegetation dynamics of temperate forests on the Olympic Peninsula (WA, USA) with special regard to snowpack
C Schwörer, DM Fisher, DG Gavin, C Temperli, PJ Bartlein
Climatic change 137 (3), 379-394, 2016
Möglichkeiten zur Holzmobilisierung im Tessiner Kastaniengürtel
G Stadelmann, C Temperli, M Conedera, A Gómez, P Brang
Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Forstwesen 166 (5), 291-298, 2015
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