Igor Denysenko, Ігор Денисенко
Igor Denysenko, Ігор Денисенко
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Inductively coupled plasmas for low-temperature deposition of ordered carbon nanostructures
IB Denysenko, S Xu, JD Long, PP Rutkevych, NA Azarenkov, K Ostrikov
Journal of applied physics 95 (5), 2713-2724, 2004
Ion-assisted precursor dissociation and surface diffusion: Enabling rapid, low-temperature growth of carbon nanofibers
I Denysenko, K Ostrikov
Applied physics letters 90 (25), 251501, 2007
A model of a large-area planar plasma producer based on surface wave propagation in a plasma-metal structure with a dielectric sheath
NA Azarenkov, IB Denisenko, KN Ostrikov
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 28 (12), 2465, 1995
Nanopowder management and control of plasma parameters in electronegative plasmas
IB Denysenko, K Ostrikov, S Xu, MY Yu, CH Diong
Journal of applied physics 94 (9), 6097-6107, 2003
PART 2-Plasma physics-Low-pressure diffusion equilibrium of electronegative complex plasmas
K Ostrikov, IB Denysenko, SV Viadimirov, S Xu, H Sugai, MY Yu
Physical Review-Section E-Statistical Nonlinear and Soft Matter Physics 67 …, 2003
Effects of ions and atomic hydrogen in plasma-assisted growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes
I Denysenko, K Ostrikov, MY Yu, NA Azarenkov
Journal of Applied Physics 102 (7), 074308, 2007
The response of a capacitively coupled discharge to the formation of dust particles: Experiments and modeling
I Denysenko, J Berndt, E Kovacevic, I Stefanovic, V Selenin, J Winter
Physics of plasmas 13 (7), 073507, 2006
Plasma heating effects in catalyzed growth of carbon nanofibres
I Denysenko, K Ostrikov
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42 (1), 015208, 2008
Spatially averaged model of complex-plasma discharge with self-consistent electron energy distribution
I Denysenko, MY Yu, K Ostrikov, A Smolyakov
Physical Review E 70 (4), 046403, 2004
A kinetic model for an argon plasma containing dust grains
I Denysenko, MY Yu, K Ostrikov, NA Azarenkov, L Stenflo
Physics of plasmas 11 (11), 4959-4967, 2004
Diagnostics and two-dimensional simulation of low-frequency inductively coupled plasmas with neutral gas heating and electron heat fluxes
KN Ostrikov, IB Denysenko, EL Tsakadze, S Xu, RG Storer
Journal of applied physics 92 (9), 4935-4946, 2002
A global model for the afterglow of pure argon and of argon with negatively charged dust particles
I Denysenko, I Stefanović, B Sikimić, J Winter, NA Azarenkov, N Sadeghi
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 44 (20), 205204, 2011
Effect of plasma nonuniformity on electron energy distribution in a dusty plasma
I Denysenko, MY Yu, S Xu
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 38 (3), 403, 2005
Behavior of the electron temperature in nonuniform complex plasmas
I Denysenko, K Ostrikov, MY Yu, NA Azarenkov
Physical Review E 74 (3), 036402, 2006
Formation of vertically aligned carbon nanostructures in plasmas: numerical modelling of growth and energy exchange
I Denysenko, NA Azarenkov
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 44 (17), 174031, 2011
Ion drag on dust grains in electronegative plasmas
I Denysenko, MY Yu, L Stenflo, NA Azarenkov
Physics of plasmas 12 (4), 042102, 2005
PECVD of carbon nanostructures in hydrocarbon‐based RF plasmas
K Ostrikov, Z Tsakadze, PP Rutkevych, JD Long, S Xu, I Denysenko
Contributions to Plasma Physics 45 (7), 514-521, 2005
Ion flux uniformity in inductively coupled plasma sources
I Denysenko, S Dudin, A Zykov, N Azarenkov, MY Yu
Physics of Plasmas 9 (11), 4767-4775, 2002
The radial structure of a plasma column sustained by a surface wave
NA Azarenkov, IB Denysenko, AV Gapon, TW Johnston
Physics of plasmas 8 (5), 1467-1481, 2001
Carbon nanofiber growth in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
I Denysenko, K Ostrikov, U Cvelbar, M Mozetic, NA Azarenkov
Journal of Applied Physics 104 (7), 073301, 2008
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