Francesco Clementi
Francesco Clementi
Emeritus professor in Pharmacology , Università di Milano
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Neuronal nicotinic receptors: from structure to pathology
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Brain nicotinic acetylcholine receptors: native subtypes and their relevance
C Gotti, M Zoli, F Clementi
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Human neuronal nicotinic receptors
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Intestinal capillaries: I. Permeability to peroxidase and ferritin
F Clementi, GE Palade
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Structural and functional diversity of native brain neuronal nicotinic receptors
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Identification of the nicotinic receptor subtypes expressed on dopaminergic terminals in the rat striatum
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C Gotti, M Moretti, A Gaimarri, A Zanardi, F Clementi, M Zoli
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Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the mesolimbic pathway: primary role of ventral tegmental area α6β2* receptors in mediating systemic nicotine effects on dopamine release …
C Gotti, S Guiducci, V Tedesco, S Corbioli, L Zanetti, M Moretti, A Zanardi, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 30 (15), 5311-5325, 2010
Rodent habenulo–interpeduncular pathway expresses a large variety of uncommon nAChR subtypes, but only the α3β4 and α3β3β4 subtypes mediate acetylcholine release
SR Grady, M Moretti, M Zoli, MJ Marks, A Zanardi, L Pucci, F Clementi, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 29 (7), 2272-2282, 2009
Brain neuronal nicotinic receptors as new targets for drug discovery
C Gotti, L Riganti, S Vailati, F Clementi
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Distribution of nicotinic receptors in the human hippocampus and thalamus
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Nicotine stimulates a serotonergic autocrine loop in human small-cell lung carcinoma
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Ca currents in human neuroblastoma IMR32 cells: kinetics, permeability and pharmacology
E Carbone, E Sher, F Clementi
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The solubility of sulphur in hydrous rhyolitic melts
B Clemente, B Scaillet, M Pichavant
Journal of Petrology 45 (11), 2171-2196, 2004
Role of lipid microdomains in P/Q-type calcium channel (Cav2. 1) clustering and function in presynaptic membranes
E Taverna, E Saba, J Rowe, M Francolini, F Clementi, P Rosa
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Specificity of calcium channel autoantibodies in Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome
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Neuronal nicotinic receptors, important new players in brain function
F Clementi, D Fornasari, C Gotti
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ω-Conotoxin-sensitive voltage-operated calcium channels in vertebrate cells
E Sher, F Clementi
Neuroscience 42 (2), 301-307, 1991
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