Denis Thiery
Denis Thiery
INRA UMR Santé Agroécologie du Vignoble
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Vespa velutina: a new invasive predator of honeybees in Europe
K Monceau, O Bonnard, D Thiéry
Journal of pest science 87 (1), 1-16, 2014
A critical review of plant protection tools for reducing pesticide use on grapevine and new perspectives for the implementation of IPM in viticulture
I Pertot, T Caffi, V Rossi, L Mugnai, C Hoffmann, MS Grando, C Gary, ...
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Masking of host plant odour in the olfactory orientation of the Colorado potato beetle
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Biology and ecology of the Flavescence dorée vector Scaphoideus titanus: a review
J Chuche, D Thiéry
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Relative performance of European grapevine moth (Lobesia botrana) on grapes and other hosts
D Thiery, J Moreau
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Fitness cost of pheromone production in signaling female moths
AR Harari, T Zahavi, D Thiéry
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Assessing larval food quality for phytophagous insects: are the facts as simple as they appear?
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Evidence that organic farming promotes pest control
L Muneret, M Mitchell, V Seufert, S Aviron, EA Djoudi, J Pétillon, ...
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Parasitoid and host egg ages have independent impact on various biological traits in a Trichogramma species
J Pizzol, N Desneux, E Wajnberg, D Thiéry
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Floral volatiles ofTanacetum vulgare L. attractive toLobesia botrana den. et schiff. females
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Misleading the Colorado potato beetle with an odor blend
D Thiery, JH Visser
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Alternatives to neonicotinoids
H Jactel, F Verheggen, D Thiéry, AJ Escobar-Gutiérrez, E Gachet, ...
Environment international 129, 423-429, 2019
Predation pressure dynamics study of the recently introduced honeybee killer Vespa velutina: learning from the enemy
K Monceau, N Maher, O Bonnard, D Thiéry
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Grape variety affects larval performance and also female reproductive performance of the European grapevine moth Lobesia botrana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)
J Moreau, B Benrey, D Thiéry
Bulletin of Entomological Research 96 (2), 205-212, 2006
Defensive behaviour of Apis mellifera against Vespa velutina in France: testing whether European honeybees can develop an effective collective defence against a new predator
M Arca, A Papachristoforou, F Mougel, A Rortais, K Monceau, O Bonnard, ...
Behavioural processes 106, 122-129, 2014
Native prey and invasive predator patterns of foraging activity: the case of the yellow-legged hornet predation at European honeybee hives
K Monceau, M Arca, L Leprêtre, F Mougel, O Bonnard, JF Silvain, ...
PLoS One 8 (6), e66492, 2013
Vespa velutina nest distribution at a local scale: An 8‐year survey of the invasive honeybee predator
K Monceau, D Thiéry
Insect science 24 (4), 663-674, 2017
Avian pest control in vineyards is driven by interactions between bird functional diversity and landscape heterogeneity
L Barbaro, A Rusch, EW Muiruri, B Gravellier, D Thiery, B Castagneyrol
Journal of Applied Ecology 54 (2), 500-508, 2017
Grapevine insect pests and their natural enemies in the age of global warming
A Reineke, D Thiéry
Journal of Pest Science 89 (2), 313-328, 2016
Host plant variation plastically impacts different traits of the immune system of a phytophagous insect
F Vogelweith, D Thiery, B Quaglietti, Y Moret, J Moreau
Functional Ecology 25 (6), 1241-1247, 2011
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