Vasily Ogryzko
Vasily Ogryzko
INSERM, Institute Gustave Roussy, CNRS UMR 816, University Paris XI
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The transcriptional coactivators p300 and CBP are histone acetyltransferases
VV Ogryzko, RL Schiltz, V Russanova, BH Howard, Y Nakatani
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A p300/CBP-associated factor that competes with the adenoviral oncoprotein E1A
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Involvement of the TIP60 histone acetylase complex in DNA repair and apoptosis
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Regulation of activity of the transcription factor GATA-1 by acetylation
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Recruitment of p300/CBP in p53-dependent signal pathways
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Acetylation of general transcription factors by histone acetyltransferases
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Histone-like TAFs within the PCAF histone acetylase complex
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Differential roles of p300 and PCAF acetyltransferases in muscle differentiation
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Regulation of histone acetyltransferases p300 and PCAF by the bHLH protein twist and adenoviral oncoprotein E1A
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p300 and p300/cAMP-response element-binding protein-associated factor acetylate the androgen receptor at sites governing hormone-dependent transactivation
M Fu, C Wang, AT Reutens, J Wang, RH Angeletti, L Siconolfi-Baez, ...
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Acetylation of MyoD directed by PCAF is necessary for the execution of the muscle program
V Sartorelli, PL Puri, Y Hamamori, V Ogryzko, G Chung, Y Nakatani, ...
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A viral mechanism for inhibition of p300 and PCAF acetyltransferase activity
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A human RNA polymerase II complex containing factors that modify chromatin structure
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The p400 complex is an essential E1A transformation target
M Fuchs, J Gerber, R Drapkin, S Sif, T Ikura, V Ogryzko, WS Lane, ...
Cell 106 (3), 297-307, 2001
Activation of integrated provirus requires histone acetyltransferase p300 and P/CAF are coactivators for HIV-1 Tat
M Benkirane, RF Chun, H Xiao, VV Ogryzko, BH Howard, Y Nakatani, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 273 (38), 24898-24905, 1998
Human fibroblast commitment to a senescence-like state in response to histone deacetylase inhibitors is cell cycle dependent.
VV Ogryzko, TH Hirai, VR Russanova, DA Barbie, BH Howard
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Section III-Polymerase Associated Factors-37 Immunoaffinity Purification of Mammalian Protein Complexes
Y Nakatani, V Ogryzko
Methods in Enzymology 370, 430-444, 2003
Immunoaffinity purification of mammalian protein complexes
Y Nakatani, V Ogryzko
Methods in enzymology, 430-444, 2003
The RNA helicases p68/p72 and the noncoding RNA SRA are coregulators of MyoD and skeletal muscle differentiation
G Caretti, RL Schiltz, FJ Dilworth, M Di Padova, P Zhao, V Ogryzko, ...
Developmental cell 11 (4), 547-560, 2006
WAF1 retards S-phase progression primarily by inhibition of cyclin-dependent kinases.
VV Ogryzko, P Wong, BH Howard
Molecular and cellular biology 17 (8), 4877-4882, 1997
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