G. Sun
G. Sun
Professor of Electrical Engineering, UMass Boston
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High-efficiency broadband meta-hologram with polarization-controlled dual images
WT Chen, KY Yang, CM Wang, YW Huang, G Sun, ID Chiang, CY Liao, ...
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Aluminum plasmonic multicolor meta-hologram
YW Huang, WT Chen, WY Tsai, PC Wu, CM Wang, G Sun, DP Tsai
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Versatile polarization generation with an aluminum plasmonic metasurface
PC Wu, WY Tsai, WT Chen, YW Huang, TY Chen, JW Chen, CY Liao, ...
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Design of a Si-based lattice-matched room-temperature GeSn/GeSiSn multi-quantum-well mid-infrared laser diode
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Practicable enhancement of spontaneous emission using surface plasmons
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Practical enhancement of photoluminescence by metal nanoparticles
G Sun, JB Khurgin, RA Soref
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CH Chu, ML Tseng, J Chen, PC Wu, YH Chen, HC Wang, TY Chen, ...
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Optically pumped four-level infrared laser based on intersubband transitions in multiple quantum wells: feasibility study
G Sun, JB Khurgin
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In search of the elusive lossless metal
JB Khurgin, G Sun
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Comparative analysis of spasers, vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers and surface-plasmon-emitting diodes
JB Khurgin, G Sun
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Scaling of losses with size and wavelength in nanoplasmonics and metamaterials
JB Khurgin, G Sun
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Mid-infrared electroluminescence from a Ge/Ge0.922Sn0.078/Ge double heterostructure p-i-n diode on a Si substrate
HH Tseng, KY Wu, H Li, V Mashanov, HH Cheng, G Sun, RA Soref
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Active region design of a terahertz GaN/Al0. 15Ga0. 85N quantum cascade laser
G Sun, RA Soref, JB Khurgin
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G Sun, HH Cheng, J Menendez, JB Khurgin, RA Soref
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JB Khurgin, G Sun, RA Soref
JOSA B 24 (8), 1968-1980, 2007
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