Giuseppe Amatulli
Giuseppe Amatulli
Yale School of Environment
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Mapping tree density at a global scale
TW Crowther, HB Glick, KR Covey, C Bettigole, DS Maynard, SM Thomas, ...
Nature 525 (7568), 201-205, 2015
Comprehensive Monitoring of Wildfires in Europe: The European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS)
J San-Miguel-Ayanz, E Schulte, G Schmuck, A Camia, P Strobl, G Liberta, ...
InTech, 2012
Mapping lightning/human-caused wildfires occurrence under ignition point location uncertainty
G Amatulli, F Peréz-Cabello, J de la Riva
Ecological modelling 200 (3-4), 321-333, 2007
Climate change in Europe. 3. Impact on agriculture and forestry. A review
C Lavalle, F Micale, TD Houston, A Camia, R Hiederer, C Lazar, C Conte, ...
Agronomy for sustainable Development 29 (3), 433-446, 2009
A suite of global, cross-scale topographic variables for environmental and biodiversity modeling
G Amatulli, S Domisch, MN Tuanmu, B Parmentier, A Ranipeta, J Malczyk, ...
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Estimating future burned areas under changing climate in the EU-Mediterranean countries
G Amatulli, A Camia, J San-Miguel-Ayanz
Science of the total environment 450, 209-222, 2013
Near-global freshwater-specific environmental variables for biodiversity analyses in 1 km resolution
S Domisch, G Amatulli, W Jetz
Scientific data 2 (1), 1-13, 2015
Assessing long‐term fire risk at local scale by means of decision tree technique
G Amatulli, MJ Rodrigues, M Trombetti, R Lovreglio
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 111 (G4), 2006
Potentially dangerous consequences for biodiversity of solar geoengineering implementation and termination
CH Trisos, G Amatulli, J Gurevitch, A Robock, L Xia, B Zambri
Nature Ecology & Evolution 2 (3), 475-482, 2018
Vulnerability of Pinus cembra L. in the Alps and the Carpathian mountains under present and future climates
S Casalegno, G Amatulli, A Camia, A Nelson, A Pekkarinen
Forest Ecology and Management 259 (4), 750-761, 2010
Weather factors and fire danger in the Mediterranean
A Camia, G Amatulli
Earth observation of wildland fires in Mediterranean ecosystems, 71-82, 2009
Fire danger rating in the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS): current developments
A Camia, P Barbosa, G Amatulli, J San-Miguel-Ayanz
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Time-scaling properties in forest-fire sequences observed in Gargano area (southern Italy)
L Telesca, G Amatulli, R Lasaponara, M Lovallo, A Santulli
Ecological Modelling 185 (2-4), 531-544, 2005
Modelling and mapping the suitability of European forest formations at 1-km resolution
S Casalegno, G Amatulli, A Bastrup-Birk, TH Durrant, A Pekkarinen
European Journal of Forest Research 130 (6), 971-981, 2011
Past and future trends of forest fire danger in Europe
A Camia, G Amatulli, J San-Miguel-Ayanz
Space–time fractal properties of the forest-fire series in central Italy
L Telesca, G Amatulli, R Lasaponara, M Lovallo, MJ Rodrigues
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 12 (7), 1326-1333, 2007
Exploring the relationships of fire occurrence variables by means of CART and MARS models
G Amatulli, A Camia
Proceedings of the 4th international wildland fire conference, 1-11, 2007
Geomorpho90m, empirical evaluation and accuracy assessment of global high-resolution geomorphometric layers
G Amatulli, D McInerney, T Sethi, P Strobl, S Domisch
Scientific Data 7 (1), 1-18, 2020
Climatology of FWI over Europe: fire danger anomalies and index percentile rankings
A Camia, G Amatulli
VI International Conference on Forest Fire Research, edited by: Viegas, D, 12, 2010
Identifying spatial clustering properties of the 1997–2003 Liguria (Northern Italy) forest-fire sequence
L Telesca, G Amatulli, R Lasaponara, M Lovallo, A Santulli
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 32 (4), 1364-1370, 2007
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