M. V. Cuevas
M. V. Cuevas
Titulada Superior. Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología de Sevilla (IRNAS-CSIC)
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Irrigation scheduling from stem diameter variations: a review
JE Fernández, MV Cuevas
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 150 (2), 135-151, 2010
The use of sap flow measurements for scheduling irrigation in olive, apple and Asian pear trees and in grapevines
JE Fernández, SR Green, HW Caspari, A Diaz-Espejo, MV Cuevas
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Steps toward an improvement in process-based models of water use by fruit trees: a case study in olive
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Production and oil quality in ‘Arbequina’olive (Olea europaea, L.) trees under two deficit irrigation strategies
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Photosynthetic limitations by water deficit: Effect on fruit and olive oil yield, leaf area and trunk diameter and its potential use to control vegetative growth of super-high …
V Hernandez-Santana, JE Fernández, MV Cuevas, A Perez-Martin, ...
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Assessing water stress in a hedgerow olive orchard from sap flow and trunk diameter measurements
MV Cuevas, MJ Martín-Palomo, A Diaz-Espejo, JM Torres-Ruiz, ...
Irrigation Science 31 (4), 729-746, 2013
The effect of strobilurins on leaf gas exchange, water use efficiency and ABA content in grapevine under field conditions
A Diaz-Espejo, MV Cuevas, M Ribas-Carbo, J Flexas, S Martorell, ...
Journal of plant physiology 169 (4), 379-386, 2012
Use of maximum trunk diameter measurements to detect water stress in mature ‘Arbequina’olive trees under deficit irrigation
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Precision irrigation in olive (Olea europaea L.) tree orchards
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Water scarcity and sustainable agriculture in semiarid environment, 179-217, 2018
Chloridazon and lenacil dissipation in a clayey soil of the Guadalquivir river marshes (southwest Spain)
MV Cuevas, L Cox, MJ Calderon, MC Hermosin, JE Fernandez
Agriculture, ecosystems & environment 124 (3-4), 245-251, 2008
Evaluating the effectiveness of a hydrophobic polymer for conserving water and reducing weed infection in a sandy loam soil
JE Fernández, F Moreno, JM Murillo, MV Cuevas, F Kohler
Agricultural Water Management 51 (1), 29-51, 2001
Usefulness of trunk diameter variations for irrigation scheduling in a mature olive tree orchard
MV Cuevas, JM Torres-Ruiz, R Álvarez, MD Jiménez, J Cuerva, ...
Agric. Water Manage 97, 1293-1302, 2010
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