Loïc Paulevé
Loïc Paulevé
CNRS/LaBRI, Bordeaux, France
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Locality sensitive hashing: A comparison of hash function types and querying mechanisms
L Paulevé, H Jégou, L Amsaleg
Pattern recognition letters 31 (11), 1348-1358, 2010
The redox status of cancer cells supports mechanisms behind the Warburg effect
JDV Moreira, M Hamraz, M Abolhassani, E Bigan, S Pérès, L Paulevé, ...
Metabolites 6 (4), 33, 2016
Cell cycle progression is regulated by intertwined redox oscillators
J da Veiga Moreira, S Peres, JM Steyaert, E Bigan, L Paulevé, ...
Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling 12 (1), 1-14, 2015
Static analysis of biological regulatory networks dynamics using abstract interpretation
L Paulevé, M Magnin, O Roux
Mathematical Structures in Computer Science 22 (4), 651-685, 2012
Refining Dynamics of Gene Regulatory Networks in a Stochastic π-Calculus Framework
L Paulevé, M Magnin, O Roux
Transactions on computational systems biology xiii, 171-191, 2011
The CoLoMoTo Interactive Notebook: Accessible and Reproducible Computational Analyses for Qualitative Biological Networks
A Naldi, C Hernandez, N Levy, G Stoll, PT Monteiro, C Chaouiya, ...
Frontiers in Physiology 9, 680, 2018
Boolean network identification from perturbation time series data combining dynamics abstraction and logic programming
M Ostrowski, L Paulevé, T Schaub, A Siegel, C Guziolowski
Biosystems 149, 139-153, 2016
Static analysis of Boolean networks based on interaction graphs: a survey
L Paulevé, A Richard
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 284, 93-104, 2012
Dynamical properties of discrete reaction networks
L Paulevé, G Craciun, H Koeppl
Journal of mathematical biology 69 (1), 55-72, 2014
Characterization of reachable attractors using Petri net unfoldings
T Chatain, S Haar, L Jezequel, L Paulevé, S Schwoon
International Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology, 129-142, 2014
Under-approximating cut sets for reachability in large scale automata networks
L Paulevé, G Andrieux, H Koeppl
International Conference on Computer Aided Verification, 69-84, 2013
Pint: A Static Analyzer for Transient Dynamics of Qualitative Networks with IPython Interface
L Paulevé
International Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology, 309-316, 2017
Sequential reprogramming of Boolean networks made practical
H Mandon, C Su, S Haar, J Pang, L Paulevé
International Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology, 3-19, 2019
Sufficient conditions for reachability in automata networks with priorities
M Folschette, L Paulevé, M Magnin, O Roux
Theoretical Computer Science 608, 66-83, 2015
Computational discovery of dynamic cell line specific Boolean networks from multiplex time-course data
M Razzaq, L Paulevé, A Siegel, J Saez-Rodriguez, J Bourdon, ...
PLoS computational biology 14 (10), e1006538, 2018
Goal-oriented reduction of automata networks
L Paulevé
International Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology, 252-272, 2016
A generic abstract machine for stochastic process calculi
L Paulevé, S Youssef, MR Lakin, A Phillips
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computational Methods in …, 2010
Reduction of qualitative models of biological networks for transient dynamics analysis
L Paulevé
IEEE/ACM transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics 15 (4 …, 2017
Concretizing the process hitting into biological regulatory networks
M Folschette, L Paulevé, K Inoue, M Magnin, O Roux
International Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology, 166-186, 2012
Tuning temporal features within the stochastic π-calculus
L Paulevé, M Magnin, O Roux
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 37 (6), 858-871, 2010
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