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Stephan Blossfeld
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GROWSCREEN-Rhizo is a novel phenotyping robot enabling simultaneous measurements of root and shoot growth for plants grown in soil-filled rhizotrons
KA Nagel, A Putz, F Gilmer, K Heinz, A Fischbach, J Pfeifer, M Faget, ...
Functional Plant Biology 39 (11), 891-904, 2012
The dynamics of oxygen concentration, pH value, and organic acids in the rhizosphere of Juncus spp.
S Blossfeld, D Gansert, B Thiele, AJ Kuhn, R Lösch
Soil biology and biochemistry 43 (6), 1186-1197, 2011
Non-invasive approaches for phenotyping of enhanced performance traits in bean
U Rascher, S Blossfeld, F Fiorani, S Jahnke, M Jansen, AJ Kuhn, ...
Functional Plant Biology 38 (12), 968-983, 2011
Rhizosphere pH dynamics in trace-metal-contaminated soils, monitored with planar pH optodes
S Blossfeld, J Perriguey, T Sterckeman, JL Morel, R Lösch
Plant and soil 330 (1), 173-184, 2010
Quantitative imaging of rhizosphere pH and CO2 dynamics with planar optodes
S Blossfeld, CM Schreiber, G Liebsch, AJ Kuhn, P Hinsinger
Annals of botany 112 (2), 267-276, 2013
A novel non‐invasive optical method for quantitative visualization of pH dynamics in the rhizosphere of plants
S Blossfeld, D Gansert
Plant, cell & environment 30 (2), 176-186, 2007
Spring barley shows dynamic compensatory root and shoot growth responses when exposed to localised soil compaction and fertilisation
J Pfeifer, M Faget, A Walter, S Blossfeld, F Fiorani, U Schurr, KA Nagel
Functional Plant Biology 41 (6), 581-597, 2014
Disentangling who is who during rhizosphere acidification in root interactions: combining fluorescence with optode techniques
M Faget, S Blossfeld, P Von Gillhaußen, U Schurr, VM Temperton
Frontiers in plant science 4, 392, 2013
The importance of being first: exploring priority and diversity effects in a grassland field experiment
EWA Weidlich, P von Gillhaussen, BM Delory, S Blossfeld, H Poorter, ...
Frontiers in plant science 7, 2008, 2017
Light for the dark side of plant life:—Planar optodes visualizing rhizosphere processes
S Blossfeld
Plant and soil 369 (1), 29-32, 2013
Monitoring rhizospheric pH, oxygen, and organic acid dynamics in two short‐time flooded plant species
CM Schreiber, B Zeng, S Blossfeld, U Rascher, M Kazda, U Schurr, ...
Journal of plant nutrition and soil science 175 (5), 761-768, 2012
The application of novel optical sensors (optodes) in experimental plant ecology
D Gansert, S Blossfeld
Progress in botany, 333-358, 2008
The use of planar optodes in root studies for quantitative imaging
S Blossfeld, D Gansert
Measuring Roots, 83-92, 2012
Non-invasive investigation of root growth via NMR imaging
S Blossfeld, CA Le Marié, D Van Dusschoten, S Suessmilch, AJ Kuhn
Commun Agric Appl Biol Sci 76 (11), 2011
Temperature effects on root growth
M Faget, S Blossfeld, S Jahnke, G Huber, U Schurr, KA Nagel
Eshel AB. Plant Roots The Hidden Half 4, 31.1-31.8, 2013
Plant growth dynamics in relation to soil moisture, oxygen concentration and pH-value
S Bloßfeld
Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlang der Doktorgrades der Mathematisch …, 2008
Exploration of key rhizosphere parameters in Plant MFCs
S Blossfeld, S Suessmilch, CA Le Marié, AJ Kuhn
Communications in agricultural and applied biological sciences 76 (2), 7-9, 2011
Bacterial biogeography in the rhizosphere–a key role of pH around roots and ectomycorrhizae
B Cloutier-Hurteau, G Carlsson, S Blossfeld, C Plassard, P Hinsinger
Rhizosphere 3, 2011
Planar optodes: promising tools for non-invasive 2D imaging of rhizospheric dynamics of pH, O2 and CO2.
S Blossfeld, D Gansert, B Wade
'N-sight'technique: a visual and quantitative analysis of urea hydrolysis and ammonia loss from soil.
S Blossfeld, B Wade, C Watson, R Laughlin, C Krause
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