Nitash P. Balsara
Nitash P. Balsara
University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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Detection of subsurface structures underneath dendrites formed on cycled lithium metal electrodes
KJ Harry, DT Hallinan, DY Parkinson, AA MacDowell, NP Balsara
Nature materials 13 (1), 69-73, 2014
Polymer electrolytes
DT Hallinan Jr, NP Balsara
Annual review of materials research 43, 503-525, 2013
Effect of molecular weight on the mechanical and electrical properties of block copolymer electrolytes
M Singh, O Odusanya, GM Wilmes, HB Eitouni, ED Gomez, AJ Patel, ...
Macromolecules 40 (13), 4578-4585, 2007
Zwitterionic Polymerization of Lactide to Cyclic Poly (Lactide) by Using N‐Heterocyclic Carbene Organocatalysts
DA Culkin, W Jeong, S Csihony, ED Gomez, NP Balsara, JL Hedrick, ...
Angewandte Chemie 119 (15), 2681-2684, 2007
Resolution of the modulus versus adhesion dilemma in solid polymer electrolytes for rechargeable lithium metal batteries
GM Stone, SA Mullin, AA Teran, DT Hallinan Jr, AM Minor, A Hexemer, ...
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 159 (3), A222, 2011
Effect of molecular weight and salt concentration on conductivity of block copolymer electrolytes
A Panday, S Mullin, ED Gomez, N Wanakule, VL Chen, A Hexemer, ...
Macromolecules 42 (13), 4632-4637, 2009
A solid lithium electrolyte via addition of lithium isopropoxide to a metal–organic framework with open metal sites
BM Wiers, ML Foo, NP Balsara, JR Long
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (37), 14522-14525, 2011
Micelle formation of BAB triblock copolymers in solvents that preferentially dissolve the A block
NP Balsara, M Tirrell, TP Lodge
Macromolecules 24 (8), 1975-1986, 1991
Effect of ion distribution on conductivity of block copolymer electrolytes
ED Gomez, A Panday, EH Feng, V Chen, GM Stone, AM Minor, ...
Nano letters 9 (3), 1212-1216, 2009
Increased water retention in polymer electrolyte membranes at elevated temperatures assisted by capillary condensation
MJ Park, KH Downing, A Jackson, ED Gomez, AM Minor, D Cookson, ...
Nano Letters 7 (11), 3547-3552, 2007
Thermodynamic interactions in model polyolefin blends obtained by small-angle neutron scattering
NP Balsara, LJ Fetters, N Hadjichristidis, DJ Lohse, CC Han, ...
Macromolecules 25 (23), 6137-6147, 1992
Phase behavior of symmetric sulfonated block copolymers
MJ Park, NP Balsara
Macromolecules 41 (10), 3678-3687, 2008
Regular and irregular mixing in blends of saturated hydrocarbon polymers
WW Graessley, R Krishnamoorti, GC Reichart, NP Balsara, LJ Fetters, ...
Macromolecules 28 (4), 1260-1270, 1995
Ionic conductivity of block copolymer electrolytes in the vicinity of order− disorder and order− order transitions
NS Wanakule, A Panday, SA Mullin, E Gann, A Hexemer, NP Balsara
Macromolecules 42 (15), 5642-5651, 2009
Structural origin of thermodynamic interactions in blends of saturated hydrocarbon polymers
R Krishnamoorti, WW Graessley, NP Balsara, DJ Lohse
Macromolecules 27 (11), 3073-3081, 1994
Nonflammable perfluoropolyether-based electrolytes for lithium batteries
DHC Wong, JL Thelen, Y Fu, D Devaux, AA Pandya, VS Battaglia, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (9), 3327-3331, 2014
Birefringence detection of the order-to-disorder transition in block copolymer liquids
NP Balsara, D Perahia, CR Safinya, M Tirrell, TP Lodge
Macromolecules 25 (15), 3896-3901, 1992
Effect of molecular weight on conductivity of polymer electrolytes
AA Teran, MH Tang, SA Mullin, NP Balsara
Solid State Ionics 203 (1), 18-21, 2011
Ionic conductivity of low molecular weight block copolymer electrolytes
R Yuan, AA Teran, I Gurevitch, SA Mullin, NS Wanakule, NP Balsara
Macromolecules 46 (3), 914-921, 2013
Thermodynamics of mixing for blends of model ethylene-butene copolymers
WW Graessley, R Krishnamoorti, NP Balsara, RJ Butera, LJ Fetters, ...
Macromolecules 27 (14), 3896-3901, 1994
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