Valter Kiisk
Valter Kiisk
Senior Research Fellow, University of Tartu (Institute of Physics)
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Luminescence of RE-ions in HfO2 thin films and some possible applications
S Lange, V Kiisk, V Reedo, M Kirm, J Aarik, I Sildos
Optical Materials 28 (11), 1238-1242, 2006
Photoluminescence characterization of pure and Sm3+-doped thin metaloxide films
V Kiisk, I Sildos, S Lange, V Reedo, T Tätte, M Kirm, J Aarik
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Nanosecond laser treatment of graphene
V Kiisk, T Kahro, J Kozlova, L Matisen, H Alles
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Photoluminescence of sol–gel-prepared hafnia
V Kiisk, S Lange, K Utt, T Tätte, H Mändar, I Sildos
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Energy transfer in the photoexcitation of Sm3+-implanted TiO2 thin films
S Lange, I Sildos, V Kiisk, J Aarik
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First-principles calculations of optical and electronic properties of pure and Sm3+-doped TiO2
MG Brik, I Sildos, V Kiisk
Physica B: Condensed Matter 405 (10), 2450-2456, 2010
Spectroscopic and crystal-field analysis of energy levels of Eu3+ in SnO2 in comparison with ZrO2 and TiO2
CG Ma, MG Brik, V Kiisk, T Kangur, I Sildos
Journal of alloys and compounds 509 (8), 3441-3451, 2011
Luminescence properties of Sm3+-doped polycrystalline ZrO2
S Lange, I Sildos, M Hartmanova, J Aarik, V Kiisk
Journal of non-crystalline solids 354 (35-39), 4380-4382, 2008
An energy transfer kinetic probe for OH-quenchers in the Nd 3+: YPO 4 nanocrystals suitable for imaging in the biological tissue transparency window
EV Samsonova, AV Popov, AS Vanetsev, K Keevend, EO Orlovskaya, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (48), 26806-26815, 2014
Spectral narrowing of self-trapped exciton emission in anatase thin films
V Kiisk, I Sildos, A Suisalu, J Aarik
Thin Solid Films 400 (1-2), 130-133, 2001
Characterisation of samarium and nitrogen co-doped TiO2 films prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis
IO Acik, V Kiisk, M Krunks, I Sildos, A Junolainen, M Danilson, A Mere, ...
Applied Surface Science 261, 735-741, 2012
Anatase-to-rutile phase transition of samarium-doped TiO2 powder detected via the luminescence of Sm3+
V Kiisk, M Šavel, V Reedo, A Lukner, I Sildos
Physics Procedia 2 (2), 527-538, 2009
Anatase-to-rutile phase transition of samarium-doped TiO2 powder detected via the luminescence of Sm3+
V Kiisk, M Šavel, V Reedo, A Lukner, I Sildos
Physics Procedia 2 (2), 527-538, 2009
Luminescence of ZrO2 and HfO2 thin films implanted with Eu and Er ions
S Lange, V Kiisk, J Aarik, M Kirm, I Sildos
physica status solidi c 4 (3), 938-941, 2007
Photo-, thermo-and optically stimulated luminescence of monoclinic zirconia
V Kiisk, L Puust, K Utt, A Maaroos, H Mändar, E Viviani, F Piccinelli, ...
Journal of Luminescence 174, 49-55, 2016
Spectroscopic and crystal field study of Sm3+ in different phases of TiO2
V Kiisk, V Reedo, M Karbowiak, MG Brik, I Sildos
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42 (12), 125107, 2009
Luminescence properties of sol–gel-derived TiO2: Sm powder
V Kiisk, V Reedo, O Sild, I Sildos
Optical Materials 31 (9), 1376-1379, 2009
Influence of ambient gas on the photoluminescence of sol-gel derived TiO2:Sm3+ films
V Reedo, S Lange, V Kiisk, A Lukner, T Tätte, I Sildos
Optical Materials and Applications 5946, 59460F, 2006
Red emission of PbWO4 crystals
P Bohacek, N Senguttuvan, V Kiisk, A Krasnikov, M Nikl, I Sildos, Y Usuki, ...
Radiation measurements 38 (4-6), 623-626, 2004
Alkoxide-based precursors for direct drawing of metal oxide micro-and nanofibres
T Tätte, M Hussainov, M Paalo, M Part, R Talviste, V Kiisk, H Mändar, ...
Science and technology of advanced materials 12 (3), 034412, 2011
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