Tomas Chaigneau
Tomas Chaigneau
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Elasticity in ecosystem services: exploring the variable relationship between ecosystems and human well-being
TM Daw, CC Hicks, K Brown, T Chaigneau, FA Januchowski-Hartley, ...
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Challenging the win-win discourse on conservation and development: analyzing support for marine protected areas
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Individual and village-level effects on community support for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Philippines
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Incorporating basic needs to reconcile poverty and ecosystem services
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Revisiting the relationships between human well-being and ecosystems in dynamic social-ecological systems: Implications for stewardship and development
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Money, use and experience: Identifying the mechanisms through which ecosystem services contribute to wellbeing in coastal Kenya and Mozambique
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Understanding community support towards three marine protected areas in the Visayas Region of the Philippines
T Chaigneau
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Tools to enrich vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning for coastal communities in data-poor regions: application to a case study in Madagascar
KL Cochrane, H Rakotondrazafy, S Aswani, T Chaigneau, ...
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Comparing the perceptions of fishermen towards MPAs and the status of their adjacent coral reefs between coastal communities in the Philippines
T Chaigneau, JW Harding, D Bochove, D Navarrete, P Raines
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Moist lower montane rainforest classification: a case study from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda
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Multiple impact pathways of the 2015–2016 El Niño in coastal Kenya
M Fortnam, M Atkins, K Brown, T Chaigneau, A Frouws, K Gwaro, ...
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Aligning Resilience and Wellbeing Outcomes for Locally-Led Adaptation in Tanzania
E Beauchamp, NC Sainsbury, S Greene, T Chaigneau
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Tourism-Based Alternative Livelihoods for Small Island Communities Transitioning towards a Blue Economy
RA Praptiwi, C Maharja, M Fortnam, T Chaigneau, L Evans, L Garniati, ...
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Elasticity in ecosystem services: exploring the variable relationship between ecosystems and human well-being
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Resilience Alliance, 2016
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