Marcelo N  Kuperman
Marcelo N Kuperman
Centro Atómico Bariloche and Instituto Balseiro
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Small world effect in an epidemiological model
M Kuperman, G Abramson
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Social games in a social network
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How effective are community health workers
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Game theory in models of pedestrian room evacuation
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Temporal trends in diarrhea-related hospitalizations and deaths in children under age 5 before and after the introduction of the rotavirus vaccine in four Latin American countries
LH De Oliveira, N Giglio, A Ciapponi, SG Martí, M Kuperman, ...
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MN Kuperman
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Working landscapes need at least 20% native habitat
LA Garibaldi, FJ Oddi, FE Miguez, I Bartomeus, MC Orr, EG Jobbágy, ...
Conservation Letters 14 (2), e12773, 2021
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