George Karakaisis
George Karakaisis
Professor of Seismology, School of Geology, University of Thessaloniki
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Global relations between seismic fault parameters and moment magnitude of earthquakes
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Long-term earthquake prediction in the circum-Pacific convergent belt
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A catalogue of earthquakes in the Mediterranean and surrounding area for the period 1901–Sep 2009
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The faults which have caused the known major earthquakes in Greece and surrounding region between the 5th century BC and today
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Proceedings of 2nd National Conference Anti-Seismic Engineering and …, 2001
The regional time and magnitude predictable model and its application to the Alpine-Himalayan belt
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Behaviour of seismic activity during a single seismic cycle
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International conference on earthquake prediction: state-of-the-art …, 1991
An application of the time-and magnitude-predictable model for the long-term prediction of strong shallow earthquakes in the Japan area
BC Papazachos, EE Papadimitriou, GF Karakaisis, THM Tsapanos
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 84 (2), 426-437, 1994
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