Dr. Olga Barbosa
Dr. Olga Barbosa
Professor in Ecosystem Ecology, Universidad Austral de Chile & Associate Researcher Institute of
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Who benefits from access to green space? A case study from Sheffield, UK
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Vinecology: pairing wine with nature
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Is microbial terroir related to geographic distance between vineyards?
T Miura, R Sánchez, LE Castañeda, K Godoy, O Barbosa
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¿ Estamos avanzando hacía una socio-ecología? Reflexiones sobre la integración de las dimensiones" humanas" en la ecología en el sur de América
CB Anderson, JC Pizarro Pinochet, RJ Fontana Estevez, A Sapoznikow, ...
Asociación Argentina de Ecología, 2015
Interactions among patch area, forest structure and water fluxes in a fog‐inundated forest ecosystem in semi‐arid Chile
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E del-Val, JJ Armesto, O Barbosa, PA Marquet
Oecologia 153 (3), 625-632, 2007
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