Daniel Guterding
Daniel Guterding
Quantitative Software Engineer @ Deutsche Börse AG, Lecturer @ Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen
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Unified picture of the doping dependence of superconducting transition temperatures in alkali metal/ammonia intercalated FeSe
D Guterding, HO Jeschke, PJ Hirschfeld, R Valenti
Physical Review B 91 (4), 041112, 2015
Hydrostatic-pressure tuning of magnetic, nonmagnetic, and superconducting states in annealed Ca(FeCo)As
E Gati, S Köhler, D Guterding, B Wolf, S Knöner, S Ran, SL Bud'ko, ...
Physical Review B 86 (22), 220511, 2012
Correlation effects in the tetragonal and collapsed-tetragonal phase of CaFe 2 As 2
J Diehl, S Backes, D Guterding, HO Jeschke, R Valentí
Physical Review B 90 (8), 085110, 2014
Near-degeneracy of extended and order parameters in quasi-two-dimensional organic superconductors
D Guterding, M Altmeyer, HO Jeschke, R Valenti
Physical Review B 94 (2), 024515, 2016
Influence of molecular conformations on the electronic structure of organic charge transfer salts
D Guterding, R Valentí, HO Jeschke
Physical Review B 92 (8), 081109, 2015
Evidence for eight-node mixed-symmetry superconductivity in a correlated organic metal
D Guterding, S Diehl, M Altmeyer, T Methfessel, U Tutsch, H Schubert, ...
Physical review letters 116 (23), 237001, 2016
Origin of the superconducting state in the collapsed tetragonal phase of KFe 2 As 2
D Guterding, S Backes, HO Jeschke, R Valentí
Physical Review B 91 (14), 140503, 2015
Electronic structure and de haas–van alphen frequencies in kfe2as2 within lda+ dmft
S Backes, D Guterding, HO Jeschke, R Valentí
New Journal of Physics 16 (8), 083025, 2014
Prospect of quantum anomalous Hall and quantum spin Hall effect in doped kagome lattice Mott insulators
D Guterding, HO Jeschke, R Valentí
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-8, 2016
Reduction of magnetic interlayer coupling in barlowite through isoelectronic substitution
D Guterding, R Valentí, HO Jeschke
Physical Review B 94 (12), 125136, 2016
Nontrivial role of interlayer cation states in iron-based superconductors
D Guterding, HO Jeschke, II Mazin, JK Glasbrenner, E Bascones, ...
Physical review letters 118 (1), 017204, 2017
Ab initio perspective on structural and electronic properties of iron‐based superconductors
D Guterding, S Backes, M Tomić, HO Jeschke, R Valentí
physica status solidi (b) 254 (1), 1600164, 2016
Ab initio determination of spin Hamiltonians with anisotropic exchange interactions: The case of the pyrochlore ferromagnet
K Riedl, D Guterding, HO Jeschke, MJP Gingras, R Valenti
Physical Review B 94 (1), 014410, 2016
Field-induced magnetic transitions in compounds
MD Watson, A McCollam, SF Blake, D Vignolles, L Drigo, II Mazin, ...
Physical Review B 89 (20), 205136, 2014
Basic electronic properties of iron selenide under variation of structural parameters
D Guterding, HO Jeschke, R Valentí
Physical Review B 96 (12), 125107, 2017
Role of vertex corrections in the matrix formulation of the random phase approximation for the multiorbital Hubbard model
M Altmeyer, D Guterding, PJ Hirschfeld, TA Maier, R Valentí, ...
Physical Review B 94 (21), 214515, 2016
Quantum spin Hall effect in rutile-based oxide multilayers
JL Lado, D Guterding, P Barone, R Valenti, V Pardo
Physical Review B 94 (23), 235111, 2016
Two-dome superconductivity in FeS induced by a Lifshitz transition
M Shimizu, N Takemori, D Guterding, HO Jeschke
Physical review letters 121 (13), 137001, 2018
The Heston Stochastic Volatility model with Piecewise Constant parameters - Efficient Calibration and Pricing of Window Barrier Options
D Guterding, W Boenkost
SSRN 3005953, 2017
Microscopic modelling of organic and iron-based superconductors
D Guterding
PhD thesis, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2017
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