Bipin Kumar Acharya,PhD
Bipin Kumar Acharya,PhD
Department of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, School of Public Health, Sun Yat Sen University
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Potential gains in life expectancy by attaining daily ambient fine particulate matter pollution standards in mainland China: A modeling study based on nationwide data
J Qi, Z Ruan, Z Qian, P Yin, Y Yang, BK Acharya, L Wang, H Lin
PLoS medicine 17 (1), e1003027, 2020
Land use and land cover dynamics and assessing the ecosystem service values in the trans-boundary Gandaki River Basin, Central Himalayas
R Rai, Y Zhang, B Paudel, BK Acharya, L Basnet
Sustainability 10 (9), 3052, 2018
Spatiotemporal analysis of dengue fever in Nepal from 2010 to 2014
BK Acharya, CX Cao, T Lakes, W Chen, S Naeem
BMC Public Health 16 (1), 1-10, 2016
Present and future of dengue fever in Nepal: mapping climatic suitability by ecological niche model
BK Acharya, C Cao, M Xu, L Khanal, S Naeem, S Pandit
International journal of environmental research and public health 15 (2), 187, 2018
Studying the association between green space characteristics and land surface temperature for sustainable urban environments: An analysis of Beijing and Islamabad
S Naeem, C Cao, WA Qazi, M Zamani, C Wei, BK Acharya, AU Rehman
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 7 (2), 38, 2018
Participatory assessment of biodiversity conservation in community forestry in Nepal
KP Acharya, KR Goutam, BK Acharya, G Gautam
Banko Janakari 16 (1), 46-56, 2006
Vegetation role in controlling the ecoenvironmental conditions for sustainable urban environments: a comparison of Beijing and Islamabad
S Naeem, C Cao, MM Waqar, C Wei, BK Acharya
Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 12 (1), 016013, 2018
Hourly associations between ambient air pollution and emergency ambulance calls in one central Chinese city: implications for hourly air quality standards
S Ai, C Wang, ZM Qian, Y Cui, Y Liu, BK Acharya, X Sun, L Hinyard, ...
Science of The Total Environment 696, 133956, 2019
Modeling the spatially varying risk factors of dengue fever in Jhapa district, Nepal, using the semi-parametric geographically weighted regression model
BK Acharya, CX Cao, T Lakes, W Chen, S Naeem, S Pandit
International journal of biometeorology 62 (11), 1973-1986, 2018
Landscape greening policies-based land use/land cover simulation for Beijing and Islamabad—An implication of sustainable urban ecosystems
S Naeem, C Cao, K Fatima, O Najmuddin, BK Acharya
Sustainability 10 (4), 1049, 2018
Mitochondrial DNA analyses and ecological niche modeling reveal post‐LGM expansion of the Assam macaque (Macaca assamensis) in the foothills of Nepal …
L Khanal, MK Chalise, K He, BK Acharya, Y Kawamoto, X Jiang
American journal of primatology 80 (3), e22748, 2018
Ambient fine particulate matter and ozone higher than certain thresholds associated with myopia in the elderly aged 50 years and above
Z Ruan, ZM Qian, Y Guo, J Zhou, Y Yang, BK Acharya, S Guo, Y Zheng, ...
Environmental research 177, 108581, 2019
Potential distribution of the critically endangered Chinese Pangolin (Manis pentadactyla) in different land covers of Nepal: Implications for conservation
HP Sharma, B Rimal, M Zhang, S Sharma, LP Poudyal, S Maharjan, ...
Sustainability 12 (3), 1282, 2020
Cultivation and use of ricebean. A case study of Dang District, Nepal
BK Acharya
The University of Bergen, 2008
The classification of noise-afflicted remotely sensed data using three machine-learning techniques: effect of different levels and types of noise on accuracy
S Boonprong, C Cao, W Chen, X Ni, M Xu, BK Acharya
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 7 (7), 274, 2018
The association between ambient air pollution control and stroke mortality during the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China
S Zhang, J Lv, R Meng, Y Yang, BK Acharya, X Sun, H Lin, Q Hu, Z Ruan
Atmospheric Environment 217, 116965, 2019
Applying the concept of “number needed to treat” to the formulation of daily ambient air quality standards
Z Ruan, ZM Qian, Y Xu, J Wu, H Kan, Y Yang, BK Acharya, C Jiang, ...
Chemosphere 222, 665-670, 2019
Maternal air pollution exposure associated with risk of congenital heart defect in pre-pregnancy overweighted women
Y Yang, Q Lin, Y Liang, Z Ruan, BK Acharya, S Zhang, Z Qian, ...
Science of The Total Environment 712, 136470, 2020
Spatiotemporal distribution and geospatial diffusion patterns of 2013 dengue outbreak in Jhapa District, Nepal
BK Acharya, C Cao, M Xu, W Chen, S Pandit
Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health 30 (4), 396-405, 2018
How longer can people live by achieving the daily ambient fine particulate pollution standards in the Pearl River Delta region, China?
Z Ruan, ZM Qian, Y Xu, Y Yang, S Zhang, J Hang, S Howard, BK Acharya, ...
Chemosphere 254, 126853, 2020
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