Olena Fesenko
Olena Fesenko
Institute of Physics National Academy of Science of Ukraine
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Optical, structural and microhardness properties of KDP crystals grown from urea-doped solutions
I Pritula, A Kosinova, M Kolybayeva, V Puzikov, S Bondarenko, ...
Materials Research Bulletin 43 (10), 2778-2789, 2008
Nature of hydrogen bond in water
P Makhlaichuk, M Malomuzh, I Zhyganiuk
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Graphene-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of thymine adsorbed on single-layer graphene
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New optical properties of synthetic opals infiltrated by DNA
V Boyko, G Dovbeshko, O Fesenko, V Gorelik, V Moiseyenko, ...
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G Dovbeshko, O Fesenko, A Dementjev, R Karpicz, V Fedorov, ...
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Properties of 2, 6-di-tert.-butyl-4-(2, 5-diphenyl-3, 4-dihydro-2H-pyrazol-3-yl)-phenol as hole-transport material for life extension of organic light emitting diodes
V Cherpak, P Stakhira, S Khomyak, D Volynyuk, Z Hotra, L Voznyak, ...
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p‐Nitrobenzoic Acid Adsorption on Nanostructured Gold Surfaces Investigated by Combined Experimental and Computational Approaches
JJ Panek, A Jezierska‐Mazzarello, A Koll, G Dovbeshko, O Fesenko
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Growth and characterization of urea-doped KDP crystals
I Pritula, A Kosinova, M Kolybayeva, V Puziko, S Bondarenko, ...
Functional Materials, 2007
Changes in the fractal and electronic structures of activated carbons produced by ultrasonic radiation and the effect on their performance in supercapacitors
B Venhryn, I Grygorchak, Z Stotsko, Y Kulyk, S Mudry, V Strelchuk, ...
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Raman and luminescent spectra of sulfonated Zn phthalocyanine enhanced by gold nanoparticles
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Secondary emission from synthetic opal infiltrated by colloidal gold and glycine
G Dovbeshko, O Fesenko, V Boyko, V Romanyuk, V Gorelik, ...
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Nanocomposites, Nanophotonics, Nanobiotechnology, and Applications
O Fesenko, L Yatsenko
Selected Proceedings of the Second FP7 Conference and International Summer …, 2014
Effect of nanostructured gold surface on the SEIRA spectra of nucleic acid, Albumin, α-Glycine and Guanine
G Dovbeshko, O Fesenko, V Chegel, Y Shirshov, D Kosenkov, ...
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Studies of the influence of gold nanoparticles on characteristics of mesenchymal stem cells
N Volkova, O Pavlovich, O Fesenko, O Budnyk, S Kovalchuk, A Goltsev
Journal of Nanomaterials 2017, 2017
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