Rosanna Manzo
Rosanna Manzo
Associate Professor of Mathematical Analysis, University of Salerno
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Packet flow on telecommunication networks
C D’apice, R Manzo, B Piccoli
SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 38 (3), 717-740, 2006
Unbounded perturbations of the generator domain
S Hadd, R Manzo, A Rhandi
Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst 35 (2), 703-723, 2015
A fluid dynamic model for supply chains
C D'Apice, R Manzo
Networks and Heterogeneous Media 1 (3), 379-398, 2006
A fluid dynamic model for telecommunication networks with sources and destinations
C D'Apice, R Manzo, B Piccoli
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 68 (4), 981-1003, 2008
A continuum-discrete model for supply chains dynamics
G Bretti, C D’Apice, R Manzo, B Piccoli
Networks and Heterogeneous Media 2 (4), 661-694, 2007
Analysis of a retrial queue with group service of impatient customers
MP D’Arienzo, AN Dudin, SA Dudin, R Manzo
Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing 11, 2591-2599, 2020
Modelling supply networks with partial differential equations
C D’apice, R Manzo, B Piccoli
Quarterly of Applied Mathematics 67 (3), 419-440, 2009
Optimal distribution of traffic flows in emergency cases
R Manzo, B Piccoli, L Rarita
European Journal of Applied Mathematics 23 (4), 515-535, 2012
Existence of solutions to Cauchy problems for a mixed continuum-discrete model for supply chains and networks
C D'Apice, R Manzo, B Piccoli
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 362 (2), 374-386, 2010
Hybrid optimal control: case study of a car with gears
C D'Apice, M Garavello, R Manzo, B Piccoli
International Journal of Control 76 (13), 1272-1284, 2003
On vector-valued approximation of state constrained optimal control problems for nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws
PI Kogut, R Manzo
Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems 19, 381-404, 2013
Single server retrial queue with group admission of customers
AN Dudin, R Manzo, R Piscopo
Computers & Operations Research 61, 89-99, 2015
Optimization versus randomness for car traffic regulation
A Cascone, R Manzo, B Piccoli, L Rarità
Physical Review E 78 (2), 026113, 2008
Numerical schemes for the optimal input flow of a supply chain
C D'Apice, R Manzo, B Piccoli
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 51 (5), 2634-2650, 2013
On relaxation of state constrained optimal control problem for a PDE-ODE model of supply chains.
C D'Apice, PI Kogut, R Manzo
Networks Heterog. Media 9 (3), 501-518, 2014
Optimal input flows for a PDE–ODE model of supply chains
C D’Apice, R Manzo, B Piccoli
Communications in Mathematical Sciences 10 (4), 1225-1240, 2012
Splitting of traffic flows to control congestion in special events
C D'Apice, R Manzo, L Rarita
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences 2011, 2011
Approximation of an optimal control problem in coefficient for variational inequality with anisotropic p-Laplacian
OP Kupenko, R Manzo
Nonlinear Differential Equations and Applications NoDEA 23, 1-18, 2016
On approximate solutions to the Neumann elliptic boundary value problem with non-linearity of exponential type
PI Kogut, R Manzo, AO Putchenko
Boundary Value Problems 2016 (1), 208, 2016
Traffic optimization at junctions to improve vehicular flows
A Cutolo, C D'Apice, R Manzo
International Scholarly Research Notices 2011, 2011
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