Hryhoriy Nykyforchyn
Hryhoriy Nykyforchyn
Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of NAS of Ukraine
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Spectral analysis of an electrolytic plasma in the process of synthesis of aluminum oxide
MD Klapkiv, HM Nykyforchyn, VM Posuvailo
Materials science 30 (3), 333-343, 1995
Influence of electrolyte on corrosion properties of plasma electrolytic conversion coated magnesium alloys
C Blawert, V Heitmann, W Dietzel, HM Nykyforchyn, MD Klapkiv
Surface and Coatings Technology 201 (21), 8709-8714, 2007
Influence of process parameters on the corrosion properties of electrolytic conversion plasma coated magnesium alloys
C Blawert, V Heitmann, W Dietzel, HM Nykyforchyn, MD Klapkiv
Surface and Coatings Technology 200 (1-4), 68-72, 2005
Environmentally assisted “in-bulk” steel degradation of long term service gas trunkline
H Nykyforchyn, E Lunarska, OT Tsyrulnyk, K Nikiforov, ME Genarro, ...
Engineering Failure Analysis 17 (3), 624-632, 2010
In-service degradation of gas trunk pipeline X52 steel
G Gabetta, HM Nykyforchyn, E Lunarska, PP Zonta, OT Tsyrulnyk, ...
Materials Science 44 (1), 104-119, 2008
Effect of the long‐term service of the gas pipeline on the properties of the ferrite–pearlite steel
H Nykyforchyn, E Lunarska, O Tsyrulnyk, K Nikiforov, G Gabetta
Materials and Corrosion 60 (9), 716-725, 2009
Specific features of hydrogen-induced corrosion degradation of steels of gas and oil pipelines and oil storage reservoirs
EI Kryzhanivs’kyi, HM Nykyforchyn
Materials Science 47 (2), 127-136, 2011
Properties of synthesised oxide-ceramic coatings in electrolyte plasma on aluminium alloys
HM Nykyforchyn, MD Klapkiv, VM Posuvailo
Surface and Coatings Technology 100, 219-221, 1998
Stress corrosion cracking of gas pipeline steels of different strength
OI Zvirko, SF Savula, VM Tsependa, G Gabetta, HM Nykyforchyn
Procedia Structural Integrity 2, 509-516, 2016
Influence of operation of Kh52 steel on corrosion processes in a model solution of gas condensate
OT Tsyrul’nyk, ZV Slobodyan, OI Zvirko, MI Hredil, HM Nykyforchyn, ...
Materials Science 44 (5), 619-629, 2008
Computer analysis of characteristic elements of fractographic images
RY Kosarevych, OZ Student, LM Svirs’Ka, BP Rusyn, HM Nykyforchyn
Materials Science 48 (4), 474-481, 2013
Hydrogen degradation of steels under long-term in-service conditions
HM Nykyforchyn, KJ Kurzydiowski, E Lunarska
Environment-induced cracking of materials, 349-361, 2008
Abnormal manifestation of the high-temperature degradation of the weld metal of a low-alloy steel welded joint
HM Nykyforchyn, OZ Student, AD Markov
Materials Science 43 (1), 77-84, 2007
Evaluation of the influence of shutdowns of a technological process on changes in the in-service state of the metal of main steam pipelines of thermal power plants
HM Nykyforchyn, OZ Student, HV Krechkovs’Ka, AD Markov
Materials Science 46 (2), 177-189, 2010
Production of conversion oxide-ceramic coatings on zirconium and titanium alloys
MD Klapkiv, NY Povstyana, HM Nykyforchyn
Materials Science 42 (2), 277-286, 2006
Embrittlement of the steel of an oil-trunk pipeline
OT Tsyrul'nyk, HM Nykyforchyn, OI Zvirko, DY Petryna
Materials Science 40 (2), 302, 2004
Analysis and mechanical properties characterization of operated gas main elbow with hydrogen assisted large-scale delamination
H Nykyforchyn, O Zvirko, O Tsyrulnyk, N Kret
Engineering Failure Analysis 82, 364-377, 2017
Corrosion and stress-corrosion cracking of exploited storage tank steel
A Zagórski, H Matysiak, O Tsyrulnyk, O Zvirko, H Nykyforchyn, ...
Materials Science 40 (3), 421-427, 2004
Hydrogen degradation of steels in gas mains after long periods of operation
OT Tsyrul’nyk, HM Nykyforchyn, DY Petryna, MI Hredil, IM Dz’Oba
Materials Science 43 (5), 708-717, 2007
Corrosion resistance of pipe steel in oil–water media
ZV Slobodyan, HM Nykyforchyn, OI Petrushchak
Materials Science 38 (3), 424-429, 2002
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