Hongyi Xu (Justin)
Hongyi Xu (Justin)
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Cheap and scalable synthesis of α-Fe 2 O 3 multi-shelled hollow spheres as high-performance anode materials for lithium ion batteries
L Zhou, H Xu, H Zhang, J Yang, SB Hartono, K Qian, J Zou, C Yu
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N-doped mesoporous carbon spheres as the oxygen reduction reaction catalysts
T Yang, J Liu, R Zhou, Z Chen, H Xu, SZ Qiao, MJ Monteiro
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[Ti8Zr2O12(COO)16] Cluster: An Ideal Inorganic Building Unit for Photoactive Metal–Organic Frameworks
S Yuan, JS Qin, HQ Xu, J Su, D Rossi, Y Chen, L Zhang, C Lollar, Q Wang, ...
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Nanoparticles mimicking viral surface topography for enhanced cellular delivery
Y Niu, M Yu, SB Hartono, J Yang, H Xu, H Zhang, J Zhang, J Zou, ...
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ZnS branched architectures as optoelectronic devices and field emitters
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Revisiting the precipitation sequence in Al–Zn–Mg-based alloys by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy
JZ Liu, JH Chen, XB Yang, S Ren, CL Wu, HY Xu, J Zou
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Unprecedented topological complexity in a metal–organic framework constructed from simple building units
AK Inge, M Köppen, J Su, M Feyand, H Xu, X Zou, M O’Keeffe, N Stock
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Phase separation induced by Au catalysts in ternary InGaAs nanowires
YN Guo, HY Xu, GJ Auchterlonie, T Burgess, HJ Joyce, Q Gao, HH Tan, ...
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Amorphous iron oxide decorated 3D heterostructured electrode for highly efficient oxygen reduction
W Zhou, L Ge, ZG Chen, F Liang, HY Xu, J Motuzas, A Julbe, Z Zhu
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A metal–organic framework for efficient water-based ultra-low-temperature-driven cooling
D Lenzen, J Zhao, SJ Ernst, M Wahiduzzaman, AK Inge, D Fröhlich, H Xu, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-9, 2019
Defect-free< 110> zinc-blende structured InAs nanowires catalyzed by palladium
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Elucidation of the elusive structure and formula of the active pharmaceutical ingredient bismuth subgallate by continuous rotation electron diffraction
Y Wang, S Takki, O Cheung, H Xu, W Wan, L Öhrström, AK Inge
Chemical communications 53 (52), 7018-7021, 2017
Distinct photocurrent response of individual GaAs nanowires induced by n-type doping
H Xia, ZY Lu, TX Li, P Parkinson, ZM Liao, FH Liu, W Lu, WD Hu, PP Chen, ...
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T-Shaped Bi2Te3–Te Heteronanojunctions: Epitaxial Growth, Structural Modeling, and Thermoelectric Properties
L Cheng, ZG Chen, L Yang, G Han, HY Xu, GJ Snyder, GQ Lu, J Zou
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A Porous Cobalt Tetraphosphonate Metal–Organic Framework: Accurate Structure and Guest Molecule Location Determined by Continuous‐Rotation Electron Diffraction
B Wang, T Rhauderwiek, AK Inge, H Xu, T Yang, Z Huang, N Stock, X Zou
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A rare lysozyme crystal form solved using highly redundant multiple electron diffraction datasets from micron-sized crystals
H Xu, H Lebrette, T Yang, V Srinivas, S Hovmöller, M Högbom, X Zou
Structure 26 (4), 667-675. e3, 2018
A scalable colloidal approach to prepare hematite films for efficient solar water splitting
X Zong, S Thaweesak, H Xu, Z Xing, J Zou, GM Lu, L Wang
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (29), 12314-12321, 2013
A Porphyrinic Zirconium Metal–Organic Framework for Oxygen Reduction Reaction: Tailoring the Spacing between Active-Sites through Chain-Based Inorganic Building Units
MO Cichocka, Z Liang, D Feng, S Back, S Siahrostami, X Wang, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (36), 15386-15395, 2020
Defect-free GaAs/AlGaAs core–shell nanowires on Si substrates
JH Kang, Q Gao, HJ Joyce, HH Tan, C Jagadish, Y Kim, Y Guo, H Xu, ...
Crystal growth & design 11 (7), 3109-3114, 2011
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