Emmanuel Skourtsos
Emmanuel Skourtsos
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Clarifying stages of alluvial fan evolution along the Sfakian piedmont, southern Crete: New evidence from analysis of post-incisive soils and OSL dating
R Pope, K Wilkinson, E Skourtsos, M Triantaphyllou, G Ferrier
Geomorphology 94 (1-2), 206-225, 2008
Tectono‐sedimentary evolution of the Plio‐Pleistocene Corinth rift, Greece
RL Gawthorpe, MR Leeder, H Kranis, E Skourtsos, JE Andrews, ...
Basin Research 30 (3), 448-479, 2018
The 12th June 2017 Mw= 6.3 Lesvos earthquake from detailed seismological observations
P Papadimitriou, I Kassaras, G Kaviris, GA Tselentis, N Voulgaris, ...
Journal of Geodynamics 115, 23-42, 2018
Structure and evolution of the western Corinth Rift, through new field data from the Northern Peloponnesus
E Skourtsos, H Kranis
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 321 (1), 119-138, 2009
Glacial history of Mt Chelmos, Peloponnesus, Greece
RJ Pope, PD Hughes, E Skourtsos
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 433 (1), 211-236, 2017
A “Great Deepening”: chronology of rift climax, Corinth rift, Greece
MR Leeder, DF Mark, RL Gawthorpe, H Kranis, S Loveless, ...
Geology 40 (11), 999-1002, 2012
Foraminifera, algae and carbonate microproblematica from the late Wuchiapingian/Dzhulfian (late Permian) of Peloponnesus (Greece)
D Vachard, A Zambetakis-Lekkas, E Skourtsos, R Martini, L Zaninetti
Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia 109 (2), 2003
UAV and GIS based rapid earthquake-induced building damage assessment and methodology for EMS-98 isoseismal map drawing: The June 12, 2017 Mw 6.3 Lesvos (Northeastern Aegean …
S Mavroulis, E Andreadakis, NI Spyrou, V Antoniou, E Skourtsos, ...
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 37, 101169, 2019
Liquefaction, ground fissures and coastline change during the Egio earthquake (15 June 1995; Central‐Western Greece)
E Lekkas, S Lozios, E Skourtsos, H Kranis
Terra Nova 8 (6), 648-654, 1996
A chronology of alluvial fan response to Late Quaternary sea level and climate change, Crete
RJJ Pope, I Candy, E Skourtsos
Quaternary Research 86 (2), 170-183, 2016
Earthquake geology
SD Mavroulis, IG Fountoulis, EN Skourtsos, EL Lekkas, ID Papanikolaou
Annals of Geophysics 56 (6), S0681, 2013
Learning from Earthquakes
V Margaris, T Salonikios, C Karakostas, E Lekkas, G Danamos, ...
EERI Journal, 1-12, 2003
The geological structure of the allochthonous ‘Athens Schists’
DI Papanikolaou, SG Lozios, K Soukis, E Skourtsos
Bull. Geol. Soc. Greece 36 (4), 1550-1559, 2004
Late Miocene detachment faulting and crustal extension in SE Attica (Greece)
S Lekkas, E Skourtsos, K Soukis, H Kranis, S Lozios, A Alexopoulos, ...
Geophysical Research Abstracts 13, EGU2011-EGU13016, 2011
Position of the Middle Triassic Tyros Beds in the Gavrovo-Tripolis Unit (Rhodes Island, Dodecanese, Greece)
E Lekkas, G Danamos, E Skourtsos, D Sakellariou
Geologica Carpathica 53 (1), 37-44, 2002
Building up or out? Disparate sequence architectures along an active rift margin—Corinth rift, Greece
RL Gawthorpe, JE Andrews, REL Collier, M Ford, GA Henstra, H Kranis, ...
Geology 45 (12), 1111-1114, 2017
Occurence of hexavalent chromium in the ophiolite related aquifers of Loytraki and Schinos areas
K Pyrgaki, A Argyraki, E Kelepertzis, V Paraskevopoulou, F Botsou, ...
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 50 (4), 2261-2270, 2016
Deep‐water sediment transport patterns and basin floor topography in early rift basins: Plio‐Pleistocene syn‐rift of the Corinth Rift, Greece
M Muravchik, GA Henstra, GT Eliassen, RL Gawthorpe, M Leeder, ...
Basin Research 32 (5), 1184-1212, 2020
The October 30, 2020, Mw 6.9 Samos (Greece) earthquake
E Lekkas, S Mavroulis, M Gogou, GA Papadopoulos, I Triantafyllou, ...
Newsl. Environ. Disaster Cris. Manag. Strateg 21, 1-156, 2020
Egio Earthquake (15 June 1995): An episode in the neotectonic evolution of Corinthiakos Gulf
EL Lekkas, SG Lozios, EN Skourtsos, HD Kranis
Journal of Geodynamics 26 (2-4), 487-499, 1998
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