Carmelo Petraglia
Carmelo Petraglia
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Measuring productivity
M Del Gatto, A Di Liberto, C Petraglia
Journal of Economic Surveys 25 (5), 952-1008, 2011
Measuring the Underground Economy with the Currency Demand Approach: A Reinterpretation of the Methodology, With an Application to I taly
G Ardizzi, C Petraglia, M Piacenza, G Turati
Review of Income and Wealth 60 (4), 747-772, 2014
Regulatory and environmental effects on public transit efficiency: a mixed DEA-SFA approach
BB Margari, F Erbetta, C Petraglia, M Piacenza
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Money laundering as a crime in the financial sector: A new approach to quantitative assessment, with an application to Italy
G Ardizzi, C Petraglia, M Piacenza, F Schneider, G Turati
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Regional integration, international liberalisation and the dynamics of industrial agglomeration
P Commendatore, I Kubin, C Petraglia, I Sushko
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Total factor productivity and the convergence hypothesis in the Italian regions
L Leonida, C Petraglia, LR Murillo-Zamorano*
Applied Economics 36 (19), 2187-2193, 2004
Technical efficiency in primary health care: does quality matter?
LR Murillo-Zamorano, C Petraglia
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Net fiscal flows and interregional redistribution in Italy: A long-run perspective (1951–2010)
A Giannola, C Petraglia, D Scalera
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 39, 1-16, 2016
Productive public expenditure in a new economic geography model
P Commendatore, I Kubin, C Petraglia
Économie internationale, 133-159, 2008
Footloose capital and productive public services
P Commedatore, I Kubin, C Petraglia
Geography, structural change and economic development, 1-27, 2009
Drivers of regional efficiency differentials in Italy: technical inefficiency or allocative distortions?
F Erbetta, C Petraglia
Growth and Change 42 (3), 351-375, 2011
Demand and supply oriented policies and development. The" forgotten" dualism
A Giannola, C Petraglia
Rivista economica del Mezzogiorno, 13-42, 2007
Spending Review e divari regionali in Italia
A Giannola, R Padovani, C Petraglia
Economia pubblica, 2015
Moneta unica e vincoli sovranazionali alle politiche fiscali nell'eurozona alla prova della crisi
C Petraglia, F Purificato
Rivista economica del Mezzogiorno 27 (4), 1065-1094, 2013
Le politiche per il Mezzogiorno negli anni della crisi (2007-2012)
C Petraglia, D Scalera
Rivista economica del Mezzogiorno 26 (4), 1023-1048, 2012
L’economia non osservata fra evasione e crimine: una rivisitazione del Currency Demand Approach con una applicazione al contesto italiano
G Ardizzi, C Petraglia, M Piacenza, G Turati
Rivista di Politica Economica, 229-269, 2013
Looking Around: The Smart Way of Italian SMEs to Innovate
P Morone, C Petraglia, G Testa
Long Term Economic Development, 273-294, 2013
Regional tax surplus and federal reform. How much will remain of regional and redistributive policies?
A Giannola, C Petraglia, D Scalera
Rivista economica del Mezzogiorno, 29-56, 2011
Redistribution and risk sharing in Italy: learning from the past
C Petraglia, E Pierucci, D Scalera
Regional Studies 52 (2), 285-297, 2018
Innovation and cost efficiency in the banking industry: The role of electronic payments
G Ardizzi, F Crudu, C Petraglia
Economic Notes: Review of Banking, Finance and Monetary Economics 48 (1), 12121, 2019
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