Lai-Chu Wu
Lai-Chu Wu
Associate Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Ohio State University
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MicroRNA-29b induces global DNA hypomethylation and tumor suppressor gene reexpression in acute myeloid leukemia by targeting directly DNMT3A and 3B and indirectly …
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Sp1/NFκB/HDAC/miR-29b regulatory network in KIT-driven myeloid leukemia
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Structure and genetics of the partially duplicated gene RP located immediately upstream of the complement C4A and the C4B genes in the HLA class III region. Molecular cloning …
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Bortezomib induces DNA hypomethylation and silenced gene transcription by interfering with Sp1/NF-κB–dependent DNA methyltransferase activity in acute myeloid leukemia
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Aberrant overexpression of IL-15 initiates large granular lymphocyte leukemia through chromosomal instability and DNA hypermethylation
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The dichotomous size variation of human complement C4 genes is mediated by a novel family of endogenous retroviruses, which also establishes species-specific …
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Curcumin down-regulates DNA methyltransferase 1 and plays an anti-leukemic role in acute myeloid leukemia
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Cell-specific expression of the human complement protein factor B gene: Evidence for the role of two distinct 5′-flanking elements
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Vectors for high-level, inducible expression of cloned genes in yeast
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ZAS: C2H2 zinc finger proteins involved in growth and development
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IL‐27 enhances the survival of tumor antigen‐specific CD8+ T cells and programs them into IL‐10‐producing, memory precursor‐like effector cells
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Human helicase gene SKI2W in the HLA class III region exhibits striking structural similarities to the yeast antiviral gene SKI2 and to the human gene KIAA0052: emergence of a …
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A yeast plasmid partitioning protein is a karyoskeletal component.
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Lenalidomide-mediated enhanced translation of C/EBPα-p30 protein up-regulates expression of the antileukemic microRNA-181a in acute myeloid leukemia
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MicroRNAs activate natural killer cells through Toll-like receptor signaling
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Characterization of Sp1, AP-1, CBF and KRC binding sites and minisatellite DNA as functional elements of the metastasis-associated mts1/S100A4 gene intronic enhancer
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Reactivation of RASSF1A in breast cancer cells by curcumin
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A mammalian homolog of Drosophila schnurri, KRC, regulates TNF receptor-driven responses and interacts with TRAF2
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Molecular cloning of a zinc finger protein which binds to the heptamer of the signal sequence for V (D) J recombination
L Wu, CH Mak, N Dear, T Boehm, L Foroni, TH Rabitts
Nucleic acids research 21 (22), 5067-5073, 1993
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