Alexander Seidel
Alexander Seidel
Associate Professor of Physics, Washington University in St. Louis
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chains and spin-Peierls transition in TiOCl
A Seidel, CA Marianetti, FC Chou, G Ceder, PA Lee
Physical Review B 67 (2), 020405, 2003
Incompressible quantum liquids and new conservation laws
A Seidel, H Fu, DH Lee, JM Leinaas, J Moore
Physical review letters 95 (26), 266405, 2005
Abelian and non-Abelian Hall liquids and charge-density wave: quantum number fractionalization in one and two dimensions
A Seidel, DH Lee
Physical review letters 97 (5), 056804, 2006
Entanglement entropy of Fermi liquids via multidimensional bosonization
W Ding, A Seidel, K Yang
Physical Review X 2 (1), 011012, 2012
The impossibility of exactly flat non-trivial Chern bands in strictly local periodic tight binding models
L Chen, T Mazaheri, A Seidel, X Tang
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 47 (15), 152001, 2014
Giant phonon softening in the pseudogap phase of the quantum spin system
P Lemmens, KY Choi, G Caimi, L Degiorgi, NN Kovaleva, A Seidel, ...
Physical Review B 70 (13), 134429, 2004
Halperin Bilayer Quantum Hall States on Thin Cylinders
A Seidel, K Yang
Physical review letters 101 (3), 036804, 2008
Linear independence of nearest-neighbor valence-bond states on the kagome lattice and construction of S U (2)-invariant spin-1 2 Hamiltonian with a Sutherland-Rokhsar-Kivelson …
A Seidel
Physical Review B 80 (16), 165131, 2009
-Duality Constraints on 1D Patterns Associated with Fractional Quantum Hall States
A Seidel
Physical review letters 105 (2), 026802, 2010
Stabilizing superconductivity in nanowires by coupling to dissipative environments
HC Fu, A Seidel, J Clarke, DH Lee
Physical review letters 96 (15), 157005, 2006
Amorphous phase formation in Mn-implanted Al films and single crystals
A Seidel, S Massing, B Strehlau, G Linker
Physical Review B 38 (4), 2273, 1988
Pfaffian statistics through adiabatic transport in the 1D coherent state representation
A Seidel
Physical review letters 101 (19), 196802, 2008
Repulsive interactions in quantum Hall systems as a pairing problem
G Ortiz, Z Nussinov, J Dukelsky, A Seidel
Physical Review B 88 (16), 165303, 2013
Domain-wall-type defects as anyons in phase space
A Seidel, DH Lee
Physical Review B 76 (15), 155101, 2007
Gapless excitations in the Haldane-Rezayi state: The thin-torus limit
A Seidel, K Yang
Physical Review B 84 (8), 085122, 2011
Symmetry protected topological Luttinger liquids and the phase transition between them
HC Jiang, ZX Li, A Seidel, DH Lee
Science bulletin 63 (12), 753-758, 2018
Correlation functions in su (2)-invariant resonating-valence-bond spin liquids on nonbipartite lattices
J Wildeboer, A Seidel
Physical review letters 109 (14), 147208, 2012
Selective imaging of solid tumours via the calcium-dependent high-affinity binding of a cyclic octapeptide to phosphorylated Annexin A2
D Shen, B Xu, K Liang, R Tang, GP Sudlow, C Egbulefu, K Guo, A Som, ...
Nature biomedical engineering 4 (3), 298-313, 2020
Abelian and non-Abelian statistics in the coherent state representation
J Flavin, A Seidel
Physical Review X 1 (2), 021015, 2011
Momentum-resolved tunneling into the pfaffian and anti-pfaffian edges
A Seidel, K Yang
Physical Review B 80 (24), 241309, 2009
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